Podcast: Nurses as leaders

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Opportunities to build and advance satisfying careers.

“I was actually going to college for teaching and wasn’t really loving it.”

Courtney Berry, McLaren Oakland trauma program manager, like many nurses, has a memorable journey of how she got into her career.

Hear Courtney and Ryan discuss their leadership roles
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The following summer, she took a job as a camp counselor and became the camp’s medical director — managing the campers’ medication and communicating their wellbeing to parents.

“I had never really thought about doing this with my life,” she said, “but it’s something I think I might enjoy.

“Doing that job really turned me on to nursing.”

Courtney has spent the entirety of her career at McLaren Oakland in Pontiac. She found immense satisfaction at the patients’ bedside, but soon took an opportunity to advance her career into a leadership position, assuming the trauma program manager role and finding a different sort of satisfaction.

Ryan Liddy, a unit clinical manager at McLaren Macomb, took a different route to nursing — he always had the goal of becoming a nurse. Similar to Courtney, though, he never intended on becoming a leader.

“Let me try it and see what happens,” he said about his promotion to a leadership role. “I loved it, and I continued to evolve in my career from there.”

While unit nurses at the bedside, both Ryan and Courtney weren’t sure what to expect from the next steps in their careers. But both continued to feel the rewards and satisfaction of nursing while advancing their careers, solving new challenges and leading others.