Nursing Careers at McLaren

The nursing divisions at McLaren attract and retain the very best nurses in Michigan. McLaren nurses align themselves with the mission of the medical center by consistently improving the health of the people they serve. The staff fosters and participates in an interdisciplinary health care approach that supports collegial relationships among nurses and other health care providers for the purpose of creating a supportive and professional environment that inspires employees to fulfill the mission.

The division of nursing accomplishes the mission, in part, by doing the following:

  • Developing a strong nursing practice environment that focuses on: plan of care, prompt response time, kindness, teamwork, and respect
  • Focusing on recruitment and retention
  • Inspiring leadership within our employees
  • Developing behaviors that exhibit professionalism and demonstrate compassion and knowledge based actions.

Nursing at McLaren is more than just a job. It's a chance for nurses to deliver exemplary patient care with compassion, empathy and clinical expertise. Our nurses demonstrate professionalism in their role as patient advocates and educators.

Our nursing professionals provide care in an impressive number of settings including emergency and trauma care, intensive care, family birthing and pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, oncology, wound care, advanced practice nursing, anesthesia, administration and more.

McLaren is committed to the nursing profession and the development of future nurses. This is demonstrated through the inclusion of nurse technicians and high school coops nurse assistants as valuable members of our health care team.

The nurses at McLaren are committed to doing the right thing for their patients and delivering on the promise of improving the lives of the people in the community.