McLaren Health Care
What We Expect From Our Employees

Our Expectations for Our Employees


Demonstrates accuracy, completeness, clarity and conciseness in verbal and written communications; expresses ideas effectively and adjusts communications to the need of the customer.

This competency can be demonstrated by:

  • Communications are clear, concise and understood; consistently articulates thoughts in a clear manner.
  • Adjusts language or terminology to the characteristics and needs of the audience.
  • Proactively discusses and seeks to constructively resolve issues or problems involving their job.
  • Works to gain understanding and to be understood.


Consistently keeps internal and external customers and co-workers as the primary focus; maintains dedication to helping customers and has a thorough knowledge of their job and respect for customers and co-workers.
This competency can be demonstrated by: 

  • Resolving customer concerns and taking action to improve service delivery.
  • Demonstrates courteous, kind behavior when dealing with customers; treats customers with dignity, respect and empathy.
  • Frequently seeks feedback from customers to identify ways to continuously improve customer service.


Demonstrates the ability to obtain and evaluate relevant information to determine the source of and alternative solutions to problems. Recognizes when a decision is needed and makes appropriate decisions within scope of responsibility.

This competency can be demonstrated by:

  • Making timely decisions independently within scope of responsibility.
  • Recognizing when additional information is necessary.
  • Committing to the most appropriate course of action.
  • Proactively solving problems and preventing foreseeable problems.


Demonstrates respectfulness and honesty. Presents oneself in a professional, positive/enthusiastic and approachable manner. Takes pride and ownership in work and appearance. Is supportive of and cooperative with co-workers.

This competency can be demonstrated by:
  • Demonstrating respectfulness, honesty and tactfulness.
  • Is dependable; fulfills commitments.Works enthusiastically and effectively with others to accomplish objectives.
  • Is an Ambassador for McLaren.


A high caliber of work accomplished. Work is accurate, organized, timely, detail-oriented and depth of analysis is used. Utilizes materials, supplies and time resources efficiently without waste.

This competency can be demonstrated by:


  • Creating and recommending more effective (quality) and efficient (productivity) methods (ways) of doing work.
  • Establishing and meeting a high quality standard and promoting the importance of quality to others.
  • Works independently.


Works effectively with a team/work group/others to accomplish organizational goals. Subordinating personal interest/goals to the interests/goals for the team/work group.

This competency can be demonstrated by: 

  • Building trust and respect within team/work group.
  • By collaborating with others to improve the performance of the team/work group.
  • Is a consensus builder.
  • Acknowledges contribution of others.