Job Shadowing Program Goals

  • Observe the daily routines of health care workers
  • Help individuals learn about health career options
  • Help individuals begin to identify career interests in health care
  • Help individuals gain awareness of the academics, technical and personal skills required in health care professions
  • Help individuals develop an understanding of the critical connections between school, work, and goal attainment

No high school job shadows will be allowed in Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Psychology or Psychiatry service areas.

Dress Code for Job Shadowing Students:

A professional appearance is essential for all job shadow students. This means your clothing should be neat, tidy and clean. It is important to wear comfortable, non-slip shoes as your shadow may require you to be on your feet for extended period of time. Closed-toe shoes with socks or nylons are required in all hospital areas.

  • NO jeans or sweatpants
  • NO tank tops or bare midriffs
  • NO baggy clothing or clothing that drags on the floor
  • NO exposed undergarments
  • NO scrubs or lab coats
  • NO sandals or flip flops
  • NO dangling jewelry
  • NO ball caps or hats
  • Body piercing and tattoos should be covered

Miscellaneous Information:

During your job shadow, you will not need a purse, cell phone, or backpack. It is not advisable to bring large amounts of cash, books, journals, etc. Cell phone use is not permitted during your job shadow experience. The hospital is not liable for any theft or damage to personal property while here for your job shadow.

Job Shadowing Application

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