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Department of Transportation (DOT) Exams Information

DOT exams are provided on a pre-placement and then biennial basis. As experts in the ever-changing landscape of standards and procedures Premier Occupational Health assumes responsibility for the computerized reminder system tracking employee examination dates and notifying the respective contact of upcoming exams.

DOT Physical Exam Helpful Information

The tips discussed below are helpful for the medical examiner to make a determination of medical fitness. Bringing in the information does not mean there is a guarantee of passing the exam. Additional information may be required from your health care professional(s) before a determination will be made.

All Drivers

  • Bring a complete list of ALL of your medications. Ensure you know the dosage and how often you take each medication. Please include the doctor(s) name and address. If there are more than one prescribing doctor, list the doctor name and address for the different medications.
  • Know the proper spelling of the name and address of any personal care physician(s), and bring that information with you at the time of the exam. If you have more than one doctor you see for different conditions, ensure you know the information for all your physicians
  • It is a good idea to DOWNLOAD the medical exam, and fill out the Driver section (The first two pages of the exam) before your visit. The medical exam can be found at the following website address:
  • If there is any information missing on the medical exam form at the time of the exam, you will be disqualified from driving until all the information is gathered. Another complete exam will be necessary in order to be requalified for driving commercially.
  • If you have a current one-year card, ensure that you have all relevant information necessary for your exam. It is a good idea to schedule the exam 45 days in advance, but definitely at least 30 days before your current card expires. If there is any more medical information needed, you may still be able to drive up to 45 days using your old certificate.

Drivers diagnosed with Diabetes

  • Bring your blood sugar monitor or blood sugar logs to your appointment
  • Bring your most recent lab tests (including your HgA1C) ideally no more than 6 months’ old

Drivers wearing corrective lenses or using hearing aids

  • Bring your glasses, contacts and/or hearing aids to your exam.

Drivers diagnosed with sleep apnea

  • Bring a reading from your machine documenting compliance in the use of the machine
  • Bring your notes from the last visit with your sleep doctor ideally no more than 6 months’ old
  • Additional information from your sleep doctor may be required
  • PLAN AHEAD – typically there are additional notes required for drivers with this issue. Schedule the exam 45 days before the driver’s current Medical certificate expires.

Drivers prescribed any controlled substance, or taking any medication that cause drowsiness, etc.

  • Bring a note and medical records from your personal care professional regarding the use of the medication, and the information should include any restrictions from driving while taking each medication.
  • Your personal care professional will need to attest to the safety of the driver, while taking medication that may affect safety.

Drivers with any heart-related treatment or care

  • Notes from your cardiologist, as well as your primary care professional may be necessary. The notes must include all medications, treatment, and history of care for any heart-related conditions. The treating cardiologist must attest to the safety of the driver.
  • Further information may be required including stress tests, labs, etc.
  • PLAN AHEAD – typically there are additional notes required for drivers with this issue. Schedule the exam 45 days before the driver’s current Medical certificate expires.

Drivers taking any blood thinners

  • Notes from your treating primary care professional will be necessary.
  • Current lab readings may also be necessary

Additional Information

  • The clinic follows the DOT "Best Practices" approach to maximize the safety of the driver and others that share the road.
  • Every exam is reported to the DOT. Michigan State Police and the Secretary of State monitor all exams, including incomplete exams from any certified medical examiners.
  • The DOT-FMCSA is committed to having safe drivers on the road. This is a Federal mandate, and we encourage every driver to go the DOT website and read the information on the Driver medical program.
  • Second opinions are allowed. What is not allowed is omitting information on medications or health history on the second opinion. It is best to bring in all information from the first exam to another medical examiner.

Occupational Health Locations for DOT Exams

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