Diabetes Education and Resources

McLaren's Diabetes and Nutritional Counseling Centers throughout Michigan provide educational services for patients with or at risk for diabetes.

Our services can include:

  • Individual Diabetes Counseling
  • Individual sessions with the dietitian.
  • Support with Insulin Injection and Pump Therapies
  • Ssupport to patients following complex insulin regimens.
  • We can assess patients for their readiness to go on insulin pumps, and provide education to prepare them for the transition from multiple injections to pump therapy and offer continued support for those using insulin pumps.

A referral for diabetes education services is required from the medical provider.

There can be a fee for these services; however Diabetes Self-Management Education is a covered benefit on many health insurance plans. Please check your insurance coverage prior to your first appointment. (Billing codes G0108 and G0109).

McLaren locations across Michigan offer classes and tools to aid in the learning and management of the disease.  By attending our diabetes self-management education classes, taught by both a registered nurse (RN) and a registered dietitian (RD), you will:

  • Meet individually with a Registered Dietitian and or Registered Nurse to discuss the diabetes issues specific to you. This includes developing a plan that is customized to your needs.
  • Receive instruction that includes basic understanding of diabetes; how to monitor, managing blood glucose patterns; preventing complications; basic carbohydrate counting, understanding how to balance diet, activity, medications, and stress; managing hypoglycemia; and much more.
  • Receive a meal plan and instruction from a registered dietitian.
  • Receive information on our group classes designed to provide patients and families quality support, knowledge and technical skills needed to successfully self-manage their diabetes and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Program Cost

Medicare, Medicaid and many other insurance companies participate.

Diabetes Education & Nutrition Information at Each Subsidiary

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