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Lab Services Offered

Anatomical Pathology

The McLaren Northern Michigan Pathology Department processes both cytology and histology specimens. Expert Histotechnicians provide a wide variety of services:
  • Frozen sections
  • Processing of tissues and body fluids for diagnosis
  • Special stains
  • A wide variety of immuno-histochemical markers

Our experienced Cytologists provide these services:

  • Assistance and testing on fine needle aspirations from all body sites
  • PAP smears for many area physicians (turn around time of three days or less for PAP smears)

The McLaren Northern Michigan Laboratory offers cytology testing with liquid monolayer technology. This technology concentrates the specimen and deposits it as single layer of cells on the slide, making cells easier to identify and decreasing the potential for error.

Blood Bank

Transfusion services performed:

  • Blood ABO/RH typing
  • Antibody screening and identification
  • Pre-transfusion testing to ensure the appropriate units are issued to each patient

The McLaren Northern Michigan Laboratory also provides reference services for antibody identification. Blood components are supplied by the American Red Cross and stocked for transfusion, including pre-storage leuko-reduced red cells and platelets, fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate.

Our Blood Bank uses state of the art gel technology for blood antibody screening, antibody identification and cross-matching. This testing provides an easier to read result giving a more accurate and consistent test result. This increases patient safety.

Chemistry, Immunology, & Urinalysis

Chemistry is fully automated, utilizing random access and semi-automated measurement systems plus a state of the art Automation Line to yield high analytic sensitivity and rapid turnaround times.

The chemistry department provides a full range of urinalysis testing from routine (dipstick) urinalysis read on an instrument to provide more consistent results, to 24 hour urine testing and specific chemistry tests.

Hematology & Coagulation


The McLaren Northern Michigan Hematology Laboratory evaluates whole blood and other body fluids by differentiating the number and type of cells present.  Two identical Sysmex XN-1000 analyzers perform cell counts of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets as well as provide white blood cell differentiation via fluorescent flow cytometry.  Microscopic evaluations are performed on blood and body fluids as needed.  Morphological pathology consultations for peripheral blood and bone marrow disorders, as well as a variety of other diagnostic assays are also available.


The McLaren Northern Michigan Coagulation Laboratory provides tests used to monitor anticoagulant therapy and to identify and assess bleeding disorders.  Two identical Siemens/Sysmex CA 1500 analyzers use chromogenic technology to provide prothrombin time testing (PT), activated partial prothrombin time (APTT) testing, as well as fibrinogen testing.  Additionally, manual assessment for fibrin split products is also available.


In Microbiology, we offer a broad selection of tests to identify the agents of infectious diseases. We perform most routine bacterial, fungal and mycobacterial testing on site, including rapid antigen testing for Group A streptococcal pharyngitis, RSV and influenza. We are also one of the few laboratories in northern Michigan to offer anaerobic susceptibility testing. We keep the turn-around time short so that you receive reports in time for effective antimicrobial intervention.

The Microbiology staff works closely with the Infectious Disease service to offer clinically relevant and up-to-date culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Our six staff members have a combined experience of over 125 years in Microbiology.

Point of Care Testing

Point of Care (POC) testing is performed at the patient bedside with results obtained in a matter of minutes. It provides clinicians with information immediately so they can adjust treatment more quickly.

The McLaren Northern Michigan laboratory provides POC testing on inpatients for:

  • Glucose
  • Blood Gasses
  • Cardiac Marker
  • BNP
  • and More

Support Services

Support Services are the hub of the laboratory. Before any specimen is tested, it first comes through the Support Services area.

  • Provides phlebotomy services
  • Receives specimens into the laboratory
  • Orders lab tests in the information system
  • Verifies orders are available and on schedule for inpatients
  • Routes specimens to the appropriate area for testing
  • Manages telephone calls
  • Refers specimens to Mayo Medical Laboratories

Northern Pathology Associates, P.C.

Board-certified pathologists are available for consultation at any time. The growth of laboratory medicine brings new challenges in test strategy, interpretation of unusual results, and provision of the newest technologies in molecular diagnostics. Pathologists can provide access to this information, review test results with the clinician, review peripheral blood and bone marrow smears, verify unusual culture results, and provide consultation for patients with complicated transfusion needs and/or unusual antibodies. Pathologists are also available at any time to perform frozen sections on fresh tissue samples, to review slides with clinicians and to consult on outside biopsy/cytology slides (provide a second opinion).

Pathologist Information
Fax: 231.487.7788
Phone: 231.487.4170