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Ordering Lab Tests
For McLaren Northern Michigan

How to Order Laboratory Tests

Clinical laboratory tests must be ordered on the McLaren Northern Michigan Laboratory Requisition. Histology/Cytology specimen testing must be ordered on the Anatomic Pathology form. All patient information, insurance information, ICD-10 (diagnosis codes) and physician information must be filled out completely. Please include all Attending, Consulting, and"Copy To" information including physicians first and last name, and fax number for accurate report routing. Mark all tests to be performed by clearly placing an "X" in the column to the left of the test.

To comply with federal laws, physicians should:

  • Only order tests that are medically necessary in diagnosing or treating their patients.
  • Ensure that the medical necessity is documented per AMA/HCFA Guidelines.
  • Be certain to enter the appropriate and correct ICD-10 code in both the patient file and on the test requisition form.
  • Always have the patient sign and date the Advanced Beneficiary Notice (Waiver) if they believe that the service is likely to be denied. (Waiver is on the back of each requisition.)
  • Collect the specimen using the instructions contained in test menu.
  • Label all collection containers with the patient's name, Unique Identifier (Birth Date, SS#, McLaren Northern Michigan Medical Record Number), date, time and initials of the person collecting the sample. THIS INFORMATION IS ALSO REQUIRED INFORMATION ON THE TOP SECTION OF THE LABORATORY REQUISITION FORM.
  • Centrifuge gold top tubes only. Allow specimen to clot 20 minutes and spin for 15 minutes at 3000 - 3500 RPMS.
  • Place specimens in zipper part of the biohazard bag and the requisition in the outer pocket.
  • Store all specimens and laboratory requisition forms in a biohazard bag in a refrigerator (unless otherwise specified in the SPECIFIC TEST section).
  • The Laboratory courier will pick up the specimens and laboratory requisition form at the scheduled time (laboratory outreach sites and contracted physician offices).
  • The McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital Laboratory will perform tests as requested.

Critical Values

Any test results that meet or exceed Critical Value Criteria will be telephoned to the ordering physician's office, primary nurse, or charge nurse on the appropriate nursing unit as soon as the critical value is obtained.

Critical values are defined as those laboratory test values that reflect pathophysiological derangements at such variance from normal as to be life threatening or to cause imminent irreparable physical harm to the patient.