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McLaren Port Huron believes sexual orientation or gender identity should never be a barrier to receiving excellent health care.

McLaren Port Huron’s commitment to equity of care for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+) community extends to all aspects of our organization. Following the core objectives of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, McLaren Port Huron is recognized as a 2022 LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Top Performer. HEI is the national benchmarking tool that evaluates health care facilities' policies and best practices in LGBTQ+ patient centered care in four key areas: non-discrimination and staff training; patient services and support; employee benefits and policies; and patient and community engagement.

McLaren Port Huron provides:

  • LGBTQ+ health education for staff members and clinicians
  • Open and welcoming visitation policies and guidelines for same-sex partners and parents
  • Patient and employee nondiscrimination policies that specifically include sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Comprehensive transgender health benefits for McLaren employees and beneficiaries insured under the McLaren health plan

Culture of Inclusion

McLaren Port Huron seeks to promote the health, welfare and dignity of LGBTQ+ patients and their families. We are committed to making sensitive and high-quality health care accessible. Our employees provide personalized, patient-centered care in a safe, affirming and welcoming environment.

Patients who are concerned about their care are encouraged to call our Patient Representative/LGBTQ+ Advocate: 810-989-3565.

LGBTQ Advisory Committee

The Ally Project is an associated initiative of the McLaren Port Huron Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ populations. The Ally Project works to identify disparities, address patient care issues and to design and implement strategies to foster a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ patients, families and employees.


McLaren Port Huron maintains both gender neutral restrooms (i.e., single stall) and gender specific restrooms. Individuals are permitted to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

Support our Endeavor

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The McLaren Port Huron Foundation supports the The Ally Project to create an equitable and affirming environment for LGBTQ+ patients, staff and community members. The Ally Project fund supports LGBTQ+ specific staff education, internal process improvements, identification and support of local LGBTQ+ friendly providers and community engagement. For more information or to make a donation visit McLaren Port Huron Foundation's web page.

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Email: mphoutreach@mclaren.org