2019 MI AIM Gold Designation

Michigan is dedicated to improving the culture of maternal safety to decrease severe maternal morbidity and mortality through the implementation of early recognition safety bundles and data-driven quality improvement initiatives with providers and within hospitals across the state. The MI AIM initiative builds upon the work that was already being done by the Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA) Keystone Center, which has supported and guided Michigan hospitals in the identification of best practices for improving maternal health outcomes. The Michigan AIM program also aligns with one of Michigan’s Infant Mortality Reduction Plan goals to support better health status of women and girls through an enhanced network of support systems to promote maternal and women’s health. MI AIM strives to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity in Michigan by working with birthing hospitals to implement the AIM Obstetric Hemorrhage and Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy safety bundles. These bundles help improve health outcomes for mothers by combating the leading causes of preventable maternal mortality. The safety bundles help fully equip hospitals with actionable protocols, necessary equipment, staff education, and staff drills to prevent and adequately treat these severe maternal events.