Combat back pain with these pain management options

As you age, your body ages; ligaments and tendons become stiff and slowly degrade. Add in osteoarthritis, where the cartilage between joints starts to wear away, and you have a recipe for pain, specifically back pain.

"There are two significant issues with lower back pain," said Dr. Douglas Bez, DO, pain management physician at the McLaren Greater Lansing Pain Management Center. "There is facet arthritis, where the cartilage that covers the ends of the joints wears out, or a patient might have disc degeneration bulging, where the discs in the back deteriorate or bulge."

If you experience pain because of either of these common back issues, the McLaren Pain Management Center can help you find relief.

"We will do a full analysis on the patient to ensure that we are treating the root problem," said Dr. Bez. "Once we have the necessary testing complete and a diagnosis, we begin the treatment process."

Treatments for back pain may include physical therapy and anti-inflammatories. If that isn't helping with pain, there are other options, including steroid injections, epidural injections, non-narcotic medications, spinal cord simulation, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, and more.

"We take a multidisciplinary approach to care and focus on the area of concerns," said Dr. Bez. "We even address psychosocial stressors with pain."

The McLaren Pain Management clinic treats all areas of pain, not just back pain. These areas include spine, mid-back, low back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, sacroiliac joints, chronic abdominal pain, and headaches.

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