Daisy Award winner: Congratulations, Jeremy!

In the spring of 2023, McLaren Central Michigan implemented the Daisy Award, a nationwide program to recognize outstanding nurses.

This month, emergency department registered nurse Jeremy Devers was named the hospital’s first Daisy Award recipient.

From his co-worker’s nomination:
The Daisy award is a special honor reserved for an outstanding RN who impacts not only a specific patient or family member but coworkers as well.

Jeremy is one of those nurses who consistently meets the distinguished criteria to receive this award. Although I have been an ED nurse for many years, I was amazed at the compassion and patience displayed by Jeremy with newly hired staff. I was fortunate enough to have had Jeremy as my preceptor when hiring on with McLaren Central Michigan. His professionalism and expert knowledge are shared consistently with all of the nurses he has agreed to mentor and train.

Jeremy continues to provide compassionate care to his patients under every circumstance in the ED. He is the example of an employee that any organization would be proud to have due to his consistent professionalism, compassion, and willingness to share his expert skills with others while providing top-notch care to every patient every time.

I have been an emergency department nurse for over 30 years, and Jeremy is one of the most exceptional nurses I have had the pleasure of working with. The amount of stress related to patient populations and acuities make Jeremy's continued professionalism, expertise, and ability to promote calmness exceptional. He is called upon multiple times per shift by coworkers, physicians, and ancillary departments because of his knowledge and skills demonstrated on every level. On multiple occasions, he successfully started IVs using ultrasound, increasing patient satisfaction every time. These patients are difficult IV starts, and Jeremy never complains no matter how busy he is because the patient's experience and satisfaction are his priority.

Jeremy is an exceptional RN deserving of the Daisy award.

Congratulations, Jeremy!