Entry-level Positions Paved the Way to Dream Jobs for McLaren Flint Registered Nurses

Author: Sherry Farney

Joe Berta, RN, in the neuro ICU at McLaren Flint began his career knowing that his ultimate goal was to become a registered nurse.

“It was always my intention to be a nurse since the day I started at McLaren Flint,” said Joe. “My goal was to make quality relationships on my journey, which I undoubtedly achieved.”

Joe started working at McLaren Flint in November 2011 in Nutritional Services, delivering food trays to the patient floors and washing dishes. After nine months in that position, he then accepted a job in Patient Transportation, where he was able to help patients to their procedures or diagnostic imaging for approximately two years. Joe was then recommended for, and offered, a job as an administrative assistant in Administration. After about a year in that position, he started nursing school and simultaneously did clerical work in Human Resources that was available throughout his nursing program. In 2017, he graduated from nursing school and began working as an RN.

“I started working on 2C right out of nursing school,” said Joe. “At that time, we were a medical ICU and we’ve since transitioned into McLaren Flint’s Neuro ICU. I love working with our neuro program. We accept patients from all over the state of Michigan to provide them with life-saving interventions, which is represented by our Comprehensive Stroke Center certification. Our physicians, practitioners, and nurses work together to provide excellent care that is unmatched. I see myself continuing in this position for many years to come.”

Olivia Swanson, a Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum (LDRP) RN at McLaren Flint, began her career along with her sister Colette Swanson, when they received scholarships through a high school nursing program partnership with the hospital. Before graduating from nursing school, Olivia was a nurse aide in the resource department, where she floated to most of the floors throughout the hospital.

“My experience as a nurse aide was of great value to me because I learned the flow and tasks of a typical shift and was able to interact with and serve all types of patients,” said Olivia. “I got to know many of the awesome nurse aides and RNs that encouraged me on my journey to become a registered nurse."

After graduating from nursing school in December 2017, Olivia began working on 4C as an RN. She absolutely loved working on 4C and the nurses and nurse aides there will always be her first work family, as they were the ones who taught her how to be a nurse and how to interact with patients and their families. Olivia’s sister, Colette is also an RN at McLaren and works in the CCU.

“My sister graduated right behind me, and experiencing this role of serving patients and families together is a dream come true,” said Olivia. “She and I have worked the same shifts on 4C a few times and it is such a blessing to get to work alongside her.”

Although Olivia loved working in these positions, her ultimate dream had always been to work on the LDRP floor. She was privileged to experience the birth of her cousin eight years earlier, and ever since she had been pursuing this field of nursing.

“Working in LDRP has always been my dream,” said Olivia. “In November 2020, God allowed me to transition there, and it has been an amazing journey so far. LDRP has challenged me to use all the critical thinking skills I learned on other floors, along with learning new and specific skills. My favorite part is encouraging moms to believe in themselves and their babies and watching parents transition into their new roles. I do see myself staying in this role for many years, as there are always new experiences to learn from and my LDRP team is incredibly supportive.”

McLaren Flint is currently seeking RNs to join the team. Go to mclaren.org/careers to learn more and apply to open positions.