Grant Supports "Ask the Doctor" Residency Program Outreach Efforts

The McLaren Flint Behavioral Medicine and Family Medicine Residency programs recently received a $6,000 grant for providing support to the Flint community via their "Ask the Doctor" series. The grant was awarded by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

The new grantmaking opportunity was available to Genesee County nonprofit organizations that are addressing the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on African American and Latino residents. This special initiative funds shovel-ready, COVID-related projects that respond to immediate needs associated with the disparate impacts the coronavirus has had on communities of color. 

"Ask the Doctor" is a collaboration between McLaren's Behavioral Medicine and Family Medicine Residency programs, the CRIM Fitness Foundation and Eisenhower Elementary School.  McLaren Flint's residency programs bring the doctors into the community to talk about topics related to health and wellness. Dr. Erin O'Connor, Director of Behavioral Medicine Education, is the faculty member who facilitates and oversees this collaboration, including working with the various team members and aiding in the development of monthly talks. These free gatherings, which are currently conducted virtually, provide opportunities for community members to ask questions and engage in discussions that facilitate their own learning and promote taking an active role in their health.

"This initiative has broken down barriers by giving Flint residents access to important health information, dispelling myths, and creating a safe and nonjudgmental environment for everyone to learn how to improve their health and wellbeing," said Dr. O'Connor. "The grant allows for expansion of these initiatives, providing more content in various formats and reaching a wider audience."

In addition to COVID-19, topics range from diabetes prevention and education, high blood pressure and heart disease management, mental health, and any other health issues attendees need expert advice on. Thanks go out to all the residency participants and the McLaren Flint Foundation for their assistance in applying for the grant.