Karmanos Cancer Institute completes expansion of cancer network into Ohio

Karmanos Cancer Institute at The Toledo Clinic Cancer Center marks the network’s first growth outside of Michigan

"Together, we will improve cancer care for the people of Northwest Ohio."

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, headquartered in Detroit, has completed its expansion into Ohio with the opening of the Karmanos Cancer Institute at The Toledo Clinic Cancer Center in Maumee. This expansion marks the first time the world-renown cancer center will provide its level of National Cancer Institute-designated care outside of Michigan.

This growth across state lines brings advanced cancer care to the patients of Northwest Ohio, which includes increased access to clinical trials and the expertise and experience of the Karmanos Cancer Network of oncologists and other cancer specialists.

“When this partnership was first announced, we were collectively excited about the opportunity to partner with the Toledo Clinic, but mainly we were mindful and motivated by how the population of Northwest Ohio will benefit from this facility and our work together,” said Justin Klamerus, M.D., MMM, president of the Karmanos Cancer Hospital & Network. “Having announced this partnership a year ago, it’s a thrill to see it come to a physical fruition, and we’re eager to begin having a positive impact on this community. Together, we will improve cancer care for the people of Northwest Ohio.”

Under the agreement, Karmanos will operate the clinic’s radiation oncology program, encompassing seven of the its 22 exam rooms, including two procedure rooms. The Toledo Clinic will provide medical oncology services.

Radiation treatments will be performed with the latest linear acceleratory, LINAC, radiotherapy system, technology able to precisely target large tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

The $30 million venture represents a $15 million investment by Karmanos, partially used toward the purchase of the LINAC units and the construction of its specialized treatment rooms, all of which covers nearly 11,000-square feet of treatment space.

In addition to Karmanos bringing its physical presence to Northwest Ohio, the medical oncologists at The Toledo Clinic will benefit from the extensive experience and clinical knowledge of Karmanos clinicians by participating in the 15 multidisciplinary tumor boards — weekly meetings of Karmanos cancer experts collaboratively sharing patients’ details and treatment options to make recommendations that reflect the latest thinking from the specialists.

At the new cancer center, Karmanos also brings access to its expansive clinical trials program — one of the largest in the country — with more than 250 promising next-generation cancer fighting medications. Patients will benefit from theses therapies, a vital aspect of their individualized, evidence-based clinical care plans.

“This expansion into Northwest Ohio is a great achievement for our Institute, but the best part is how it will benefit the communities of the region,” said Gerold Bepler, M.D., Ph.D., president and CEO of Karmanos Cancer Institute. “We are very proud of our history and roots in Detroit and the care our team provides here. We’re now grateful for the opportunity to grow those service into another state.”

Announced nearly a year ago, the facility’s offerings extend to infusion and laboratory services, diagnostic imaging and an on-site pharmacy.

First earning an NCI designation in the 1970s, Karmanos has maintained its status over the decades — now one of just 51 such designated cancer programs throughout the country. The industry-leading recognition, NCI designations are earned by centers that have demonstrated scientific leadership through laboratory and clinical research, while also providing for its community. These centers are defined by their level of patient experience, scientific excellence and integration of the latest research with the aim on curing cancer and reducing its morbidity and mortality levels.