Long-established Genesee County Medical Oncology, Hematology Practice Joins the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint

How adding 4 veteran cancer specialists provides seamless patient care in Flint

Author: Jasmine Brown

The Genesee County-based Singh & Arora Oncology/Hematology practice has joined the comprehensive cancer care team at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint.

The move adds physicians Trevor Singh, MD, FACP; David Eilender, MD; and Sandeep Grewal, MD to the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Michigan’s largest provider of cancer care and research in the state. Their office will remain at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint, located at 4100 Beecher Road, Suite B, Flint, MI 48532.

“Over the years, working closely with Karmanos has made the difference in the exceptional care that we provide for our patients,” said Dr. Singh, board-certified medical oncology and internal medicine specialist. “We’re glad to now be part of the Karmanos Cancer Network right here in Flint, offering our patients their best chance, and more streamlined access to surgical and radiation oncology, including proton therapy.”

“Karmanos and McLaren have put an enormous focus on cancer care access for patients in Flint, Genesee County and beyond,” said Dr. Arora, board-certified medical oncology and internal medicine specialist. “It’s exciting to now be part of that growth and continue to provide our patients with comprehensive cancer care right here in Flint.”

Adding such an established practice to the McLaren Flint roster of services brings all branches of cancer care under one roof. Cancer patients often undergo surgery, drug or chemical therapy (such as chemotherapy), or a form of radiation therapy when treating their disease. They may also have a treatment plan that consists of a combination of two or three of these treatments, resulting in a team of physicians. Adding Drs. Singh, Arora, Eilender, and Grewal to the comprehensive team of experts in Flint streamlines the continuity of care process for patients receiving cancer treatments, which may include health records, follow-up appointments and the use of pharmacy services all in one location.

“The relationship with the Singh & Arora practice has grown over the years. They already work closely with the Karmanos team of doctors in Flint and Detroit,” said Chris Candela, president and CEO of McLaren Flint. “Our patients come first. Welcoming Drs. Singh, Arora, Eilender and Grewal to Karmanos adds a service that many of our patients need, and now the process of going through their treatment plan will be even more seamless.”

Each of the four board-certified medical oncologists have had success in treating patients with a wide range of cancers. Combined, this team specializes in hematologic oncology (including heme malignancies such as Leukemia and Lymphoma, as well as benign hematology) and solid oncology, including gastrointestinal malignancies, sarcoma, lung cancer, breast cancer, and more.

Those who have been recently diagnosed with a cancer and are seeking the best treatment option for their case may call the medical oncology office at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint for a consultation. Call 810-235-8568 for more information or visit karmanos.org/flintmedonc.