McLaren Bay Region vascular surgeon performs 200th TCAR stroke-prevention procedure

BAY CITY, Mich.—McLaren Bay Region, the 415-bed acute care, Bay City-based hospital, celebrated as vascular surgeon Dr. Nicolas J. Mouawad performed his 200th TCAR, a specialized minimally invasive procedure that significantly lowers the stroke risk of patients who were previously deemed high risk for carotid intervention.

Reaching this milestone on Jan. 25 makes Dr. Mouawad the region’s most accomplished surgeon for this potentially life-saving procedure, treating his first patient with this technique in October 2018.

“We have an abundance of experience with this new and innovative technology,” he said, “and, in fact, we have performed the most in the state. I’m incredibly grateful to my fantastic vascular hybrid team and the administration for their support of this service, and especially thankful to our patients, who have traveled near and far, for their trust in allowing us to care for them in their time of need.”

A result of his proficiency with the procedure, Dr. Mouawad is a national TCAR proctor, routinely traveling around the country to hospitals whose surgical services are expanding to offer TCAR.

TransCarotid artery revascularization, TCAR, is a minimally invasive treatment for severe carotid disease, in which plaque clogs the carotid artery, the main vessel delivering blood to the head and brain. The plaque build-up increases the risk of a piece (thrombus) breaking off and traveling to the brain, disrupting blood flow and resulting in a potentially fatal ischemic stroke.

Making a small incision near the collar bone, a stent is deployed in the carotid artery to clear the blockage while protecting the brain against the risk of a thrombus breaking off by temporarily reversing blood flow away from the brain.

TCAR has demonstrated its effectiveness and safety, proven to have the lowest risk of stroke when compared to other carotid surgeries. It’s also been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for both standard- and high-risk patients.

The fourth leading cause of death in the United States, stroke is also the leading cause of adult disability. A public health concern, the risk factors for stroke, including unmanaged high blood pressure and the various carotid diseases, are on the rise.

Vascular surgeon Dr. Nicolas J. Mouawad, MD, MPH, MBA, FSVS, FRCS, FACS, RPVI, is the McLaren Bay Region chief and medical director of vascular & endovascular surgery and vice chair of the department of surgery. Make an appointment with him at

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