McLaren Flint's Community Connections: Nights of Hope

Author: Leslie Toldo

We want to share a few ways McLaren Flint leadership, physicians, medical residents and fellows, and clinical and support staff share their knowledge and skills to promote better health and well-being throughout Flint and Genesee County. These community connections come from a desire to make a difference in the health of all residents, no matter their age. Our Vision: McLaren Flint will be the recognized leader and preferred provider of primary and specialty healthcare services to the communities of mid-Michigan. This week we introduce you to……

The "Nights of Hope" fund- The Hospitality House at McLaren Flint opened on July 17, 2013, ten years ago. It provides accommodations for patients who must travel to Flint for care and their caregivers. Some guests cannot pay the small, suggested donation for a night's stay. That's where the Nights of Hope comes in. The McLaren Flint Foundation raises funds through Nights of Hope to cover the cost of a stay at Hospitality House for those unable to pay. Each night, for the first week, comes at a suggested $55 donation. After that first week, that drops to $35 per night. It costs $1,050 for a guest to stay for 30 days.  

Hospitality House Director Teresa Williams says the need for Nights of Hope coverage increases roughly 30 percent each year. In 2022 Nights of Hope paid for $38,000 worth of stays and will cover an estimated $50,000 this year. If you would like to donate, you can by visiting