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McLaren has long realized that addressing the needs of cancer patients goes well beyond providing the latest technology and treatment. It also includes a focus on providing support and resources to address the emotional, spiritual and extended physical needs of patients and their caregivers. That focus is the catalyst behind the development of a Hospitality House to complement the services of McLaren Flint.

The mission of the Hospitality House is two-fold: 1) to create a healing, caring and comfortable environment for adult and pediatric patients and their caregivers who are traveling long distances for treatment and, 2) to provide comfortable, extended-stay housing at a low cost.

The Hospitality House provides easy access for treatment, support services and other medical needs. It also provides activities, programs, quiet spaces and amenities to support healing and hope. Further, by relieving the financial burden associated with housing during this challenging time, the Hospitality House enables patients and their caregivers to focus solely on physical and emotional healing.

The Hospitality House creates an atmosphere in which guests can become part of a larger family, if they choose. Patients and caregivers will have an opportunity to share their feelings and draw strength from one another in organized and informal settings. Or they can reflect in more peaceful solitude in the Reflection Room, walking trail or other quiet spaces. Special care is important when people are feeling the emotional, physical and financial pressures of a medical concern. 

If you are planning on coming to McLaren Flint for treatment and are interested in staying at the Hospitality House, call us at 1 (810) 820-9800 or email the Director of Hospitality Services at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our House. 

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Teresa Williams
Teresa Williams
Director of Hospitality Services
Edwina Johnson
Edwina Johnson

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