McLaren Homecare Group is now McLaren Health Management Group

We began our story in 1904 as “Flint VNA,” providing community-based home health services to patients in Flint, Michigan. Adding hospice and home infusion services, we became “Visiting Nurse Services of Michigan,” then “McLaren Visiting Nurse and Hospice.” Most recently, we became known as “McLaren Homecare Group.”

As our name has changed, the scope of our care has also grown. Today, we provide a range of services including home health and hospice, home infusion, retail and long-term care pharmacy, and comprehensive laboratory services.

As we continue to expand our services, we are excited to announce we are changing our company name to McLaren Health Management Group. While some of our services will continue to be provided at home, it became apparent we needed a name that would better encompass the scale of care we provide.

The health care environment continues to shift to proactive population health management of the chronically and terminally ill, and we must prioritize helping our patients and their physicians handle complex health care challenges — often outside of traditional acute settings (such as the doctor’s office or ER).

Changing our name to “McLaren Health Management Group” highlights the priority we place on the identification, prevention and management of chronic illness, and aligns with our mission to be the best value in health care. All of our offerings provide population health management, and we will continue to evolve to provide better coordination of care for our patients in all stages of the health care continuum.

Our new name gives us a platform to embrace the seven divisions of our company, and allows us room to grow in the future both inside and outside the state of Michigan. Each of our divisions will maintain their current names and identities as a division of McLaren Health Management Group:


McLaren Health Management Group Divisions

We look forward to continuing to care for you under our new name. To learn more about the care we provide, visit our services page.