McLaren Lapeer Region Invest in Robotic Surgical Technology

McLaren Lapeer Region has recently acquired the state-of-the-art da Vinci® Surgical System giving patients a minimally invasive option for general surgery.  da Vinci® robotic surgery is a less invasive technique and offers several potential benefits including reduced blood loss, fewer complications and a shorter hospital stay.

The robotic system uses laser targeting that helps the surgeon pinpoint the incision site with a greater range of motion than any human. The system provides three-dimensional, high-definition views of the patient. Surgeons will operate from the robotic console and are in control of the instruments and the procedure at all times. These are important factors that may improve surgical outcomes and get patients back to their life with less pain and recovery time.

McLaren Lapeer Region will use the da Vinci® Surgical System for the following procedures:

  • Gynecological surgery, such as hysterectomies, sterilizations and endometrial ablations
  • Urological surgery, including kidney stone and prostate procedures
  • Some general surgery, such as appendectomies 

“We are excited to bring the da Vinci® Surgical robot to our community, this state of the art surgical technology allows us to provide high end robotic surgery options with faster recovery and less pain,” said Chris Candela President and CEO of McLaren Lapeer Region.  “With this robot we continue our goal of bringing specialty trained physicians, and cutting edge technology to our community. 

For more information about surgical services call 810-667-5500