McLaren Northern Michigan Grant Provides Little Free Libraries to McLaren Northern Michigan

Thanks to funding from the Burns Foundation, Inc., five new Little Free Libraries were installed in the busiest areas of McLaren Northern Michigan. The libraries, which hold 20-30 books each, allow patients and visitors to have free access to books that they can read (and keep if they choose) during their wait or stay at the hospital’s Petoskey Campus.

The libraries can be found in four major waiting rooms and in the cafeteria. Shelves are stocked through book donations from local residents. Hospital colleagues and medical staff are also active participants in the “take a book” and “share a book” philosophy.

“Having the Little Free Libraries is a wonderful addition to our waiting rooms,” said Andrew Bielaczyc, MD. “The family members are especially grateful to have access to reading material while they wait. It is such a meaningful project. Anything we can do to make patients and their family members more comfortable is important to us.”

northern library donation

Each Library is registered on the Little Free Library website ( with exact Latitude and Longitude location recorded.

Since 1979, the Burns Foundation, Inc. has helped provide our medical personnel with access to important information and resources that improve patient care and support education, research, and publication. Dr. Dean C. Burns was a life-long learner, passionate about this community’s education and health, a legacy the Burns Foundation, Inc. continues to help carry on.

If you would like to donate to other projects that benefit patients and their families at McLaren Northern Michigan, please contact McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation at 231-487-3500.