Physical Activity Is a Lifelong Sport

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McLaren Greater Lansing hosted Beacon College for an education session on the importance of physical activity

In November, McLaren Greater Lansing in partnership with the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation and Michigan State University, hosted the Beacon College men's basketball team for a lunch and learn with Ethan Ruhland, DO, hip and knee surgeon, and Josh Goethals, DO, sports medicine surgeon, both of whom work at Michigan Orthopedic Center and perform surgeries at the hospital.

Beacon College was established in 1989 to work with students with learning difficulties such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, autism, and more, and is a four-year accredited institution. In 2022, it hired Sam Vincent as it's head basketball coach. Coach Vincent grew up in Lansing, attended Eastern High School, and then played basketball at MSU. He also coached at the NBA level and abroad. 

Coach Vincent wanted his team to have the chance to experience the amazing program MSU Athletics has and connect with some of the community partners, like McLaren, to educate his team on how physical activity can be a lifelong sport.

"I played football as an offensive lineman at MSU during my undergrad," said Dr. Ruhland. "I dealt with injuries myself that came up during my time as an athlete and it's partly what motivated me to get into the career I have today."

Dr. Ruhland and Dr. Goethals both experienced injuries during their time in college that caused them to take a step back from things they loved to do. However, the injuries brought to light how we can take physical activity for granted, and it made them both push to stay active.

"When I was at MSU in medical school, I was hit by a car when crossing the road," said Dr. Goethals. "I realized during my time in the hospital, and the many months of therapy after that, that I took my physical health for granted. It took someone telling me I may never walk again without a limp to realize how important physical health is."

Both physicians went on to share how important physical health is at every stage of life.

"We underestimate the benefit that physical activity has on our overall well-being," said Dr. Ruhland. "After college, when I was no longer playing football, I noticed I was feeling more stressed and had anxiety. When I worked out, those symptoms got better."

It's important to keep up a routine where you engage in physical activity multiple times a week. While it's advisable to stay active at every age, it's also important to know your limits to decrease your risk of injury and long-term complications.

"It's not safe to go from doing zero physical activity to cross-training," said Dr. Goethals. "Pushing your body too hard, too fast, is what leads to sports-related injuries and possible long-term injuries that may lead to arthritis and joint replacement down the road."

It's important to remember that no matter your age, or how athletic you are, regular exercise is important for your overall health and well-being.

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