Podcast: Mammograms—“We can start as early as 25”

Risk factors exist that can lead to early breast cancer screenings.

“We do recommend yearly mammograms starting at 40,” said Dr. Suzanne Law. “There are even some cases in which we start younger than that.”

A family history of breast cancer or testing positive for a specific genetic mutation are just a couple of the things to discuss with a physician when considering early breast cancer screening, says the McLaren Bay Region breast surgeon.

Interview with Dr. Suzanne Law

“We can start as early as 25,” she said.

Dr. Law further expands on the topic and adds more by discussing the benefits early breast cancer detection provides during treatments in an interview on McLaren’s In Good Health podcast.

“Early detection means finding a breast cancer at an early stage before it can even be felt or cause any symptoms,” she said. “So, when we find breast cancer early, it's usually limited to the breast — that's the stage we want to find it in because then the treatment is easier and cure rates are much higher.

“For localized breast cancer, which means a cancer that's limited to the breast, cure rates are 99 percent.”

And when considering a screening mammogram, Dr. Law stands behind the added benefits of a 3D mammogram.

“There's definitely more accuracy in diagnosing imaging abnormalities,” she said. “By being able to more clearly see the tissue, we can really determine who needs a biopsy and decrease the number of biopsies we do, which decreases the anxiety for the patients as well.”