“Rainbow” lunches: Back-to-school nutrition

Fruits and vegetables should be included in every student’s lunch

School is back in session, signaling a return to the cafeteria line or packing a lunch in a brown paper bag.

With a limited, designation time period in which to eat lunch, ensuring students get everything they need from their lunch to last them the rest of the school day (and, potentially, through any after-school activities).

Along with a protein, lunch should contain at least one fruit and one vegetable, with parents striving toward a “rainbow.”

The “rainbow” aims for a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables — and fun for the students — to help guarantee they get a good source of nutrition.

When focusing on the rainbow, think of dark greens (cut-up bell peppers, sandwiches with leafy greens), purples (blueberries), reds (apples and bell peppers) and oranges (orange slices).

Letting the student help pick out his or her rainbow further gets him or her interested in nutrition and invested in their health.