Welcome, Susanna! McLaren Central Michigan Pediatrics adds provider, expands capacity

Susanna Storeng, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA, is a pediatric physician assistant who built her career serving the needs of rural, traditionally underserved populations.

Susanna Storeng

It was as a rural primary care provider for more than 20 years that she discovered her passion for health advocacy and education, and, following a return to Michigan after years out of state, she has joined McLaren Central Michigan Pediatrics.

With the compassion and kindness she’s honed throughout her practice, she will focus on the primary and preventive needs of the pediatric population in Mount Pleasant, Isabella County, and beyond.

Why did you choose this profession?
My God given purpose is to help others. It's why I am here and I do it with joy and enthusiasm. The challenge of medicine, especially primary care, keeps me on my toes. It requires that I have a strong knowledge base and continually learn new things. There's never a dull moment!

Why did you choose pediatrics?
Throughout my 20-year career in primary care I have always enjoyed a strong pediatric population in my patient panels. When recently deciding to return to our home state of Michigan, my husband and I discussed the opportunities, we both came to the same conclusion: I would not be happy without pediatric populations in my practice. Disease prevention and education are the top priorities in my career, and childhood is where I can make the greatest impact.

Why did you choose to practice in central Michigan?
My entire family fell in love with the Mount Pleasant area. The children especially loved that there were lots of activities, but close to wide open spaces (we have always lived in more rural areas much smaller than this) and only an hour or two away from most of our family members.

Why did you choose to practice with McLaren?
The culture and warm, welcoming nature that was exemplified in the press and in reviews, which were proven true in person, sealed the deal.

What do you hope to accomplish with your practice?
The most important part of any medical practice, in my opinion, is to help patients navigate preventing illness and improving health when needed. With my extensive training and experience in management of chronic illness and validated quality practice standards, I hope to improve the chronic health of my pediatric population in Central Michigan. Additionally, I would like to provide options for the treatment of weight management and childhood diabetes that might not be prevalent in the area for this population given my advanced training in Obesity Medicine and Diabetes Management.

You mentioned you have two children. As a parent, how do you feel that will impact you as a provider?
Empathy is at the core of my practice. I truly understand how a parent feels when their child is ill, has had an injury, they are concerned about a diagnosis or a test result. Being available to answer questions and provide education and support for patients is a core competency of the Pediatric office.

Do you have any specific interests?
I love learning and growing with my patients and enjoy sports physical time of year a lot. Although it is a hectic time, it allows me to delve deep into who they are and what they are like, what they do. I learn so much, and this really helps build a trusting and open relationship when you know your patients well.