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News Release
McLaren Northern Michigan Ranked Among Best Hospitals in the Country
Top 10 in the state, 5-Star CMS Rating, Magnet Designated Hospital
News Release
Delta Dental Foundation Awards $24,363 Grant to Foundation for Pediatric Dental Equipment
 Teaming up to provide young children with safe, efficient, and effective dental care.
News Release
5-Star Hospital Rating from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
A 5-star rating places McLaren Northern Michigan in the top 2.2% of hospital in the country.

Pediatric Services

McLaren knows that our youngest patients have special needs. Our pediatric departments use this understanding to provide care that is individualized and age-specific to each patient we treat. The family is included as an integral component of any treatment program. Working together, we can maximize the individual’s health and potential for optimum recovery from illness or injury.

Pediatric Inpatient Unit at McLaren Central Michigan

Our Pediatrics Unit is staffed by professionals with a special interest and training in family centered focus of care. Family members are encouraged to remain at the bedside of the child and will be provided with an extra bed, if available. Also, an extra meal tray (at each meal) will be given to a family member to enable them to stay with the child during meal times. Volunteers can also make regular visits to provide companionship for the children and to assist them in learning or play activities.

Partners with Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

McLaren Central Michigan has joined Partners in Children's Health, becoming one of 22 hospitals to affiliate with Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in an effort to enhance the care of children and families throughout the state.  The Partners in Children's Health Network brings hospitals together to improve access to pediatric specialty services and continuing professional education.

"It is important to build special capabilities for children who may have special health care needs.  Mt. Pleasant is not as big as other metropolitan areas, but children in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding communities still deserve the best care possible," said Bob Connors, M.D., President, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.  "We do not want to be selfish with our resources.  If we discover something that works, why not share it with others?"

Pediatric Inpatient Unit at McLaren Greater Lansing

Family: A Vital Force

The family is a vital force in the health and well-being of the hospitalized youngster. We encourage parents to remain with their child during his or her hospital stay. Additionally, liberal visiting hours for siblings help ease the normal anxiety experienced by young patients while they are in the hospital.

The nursing staff of McLaren Greater Lansing's pediatrics unit makes every effort to accommodate visitation by parents and siblings throughout hospitalization, unless such visitation will hinder the child's condition or treatment.

Pediatric Inpatient Unit at McLaren Macomb

In the Pediatrics Unit, children feel comforted with the kind of care that's geared just for them.

And parents feel better too, knowing that all pediatricians at McLaren Macomb are board-certified in pediatric medicine.

The Pediatrics Unit is located adjacent to the Family Birthing Center, on the Third floor of the East Tower of the hospital. This area of the hospital is dedicated to caring for children, from newborns to age 18.

Here, each private room is complete with a television, telephone, and sleep chair for a parent to stay overnight. Experienced nursing staff is sensitive to your child's needs and will do everything they can to make your child's stay easier. We understand that parents experience a great deal of stress when their children are hospitalized.

If a newborn requires additional medical care after nursery, a 15-bed Special Care Nursery is located within the birthing center. Here specially trained physicians and nurses provide care to babies. Parent visitation is encouraged.

The department also has a direct relationship with Children's Hospital of Michigan for more serious illnesses. Case managers and social workers are also available to provide assistance.

Pediatric Inpatient Unit at McLaren Northern Michigan

The Pediatric department is staffed 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week by a Pediatric Hospitalist who specializes in acute illnesses in the Pediatric inpatient setting. The Pediatric nurses have special training in the care of children ages newborn to 18 years and are well skilled in caring for a wide variety of childhood illnesses, as well as those patients requiring surgical interventions. The Pediatric staff is also certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

The Pediatric department has six rooms with a patient capacity of 12 patients. A kitchen is available and stocked with food for supplemental nourishment for visiting families. A well-stocked playroom is also available and made possible through a grant to the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation by The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation, Herman H. Meyer Project. This group is responsible for funding for the on-staff Child Life Therapist and supplies many of the toys in the playroom. Videos and video games are available to patients.

The Pediatric Unit also provides Diabetes Education for children and families and operates a monthly Outpatient Pediatric Diabetic/Endocrinology Clinic. An infant/child security system helps to provide security and peace of mind for families and patients less than 12 years of age.

Through the "Partners in Children's Health" program, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital offers McLaren Northern Michigan access to a regional system of healthcare for children, designed to enhance care "close to home" for children and families.

To learn more about our Pediatric Unit, please call (800) 248-6777.

Pediatric Services at McLaren Port Huron

Pediatric Inpatient Unit

Younger patients have special needs, especially when they have to visit a hospital. McLaren Port Huron's team takes pride in providing care that meets those special needs.

The goals of our compassionate, dedicated caregivers to our pediatric patients are to:

  • Provide care that is individualized and age-specific to each patient
  • Utilize a team approach to diagnosis and treat
  • Include the family as an integral component of the treatment program
  • Unique Environment Addresses Special Needs of Young Patients

To achieve those goals while recognizing the special needs of infants, children, and adolescents when hospitalization becomes necessary, McLaren Port Huron has set aside a special area just for our younger patients, which provides a unique setting tailored to the individual needs of young patients. The unit features an activity room, which provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment for toddlers and younger children. The activity room provides an especially attractive environment for our young patients who are separated from their homes during hospital stays.

Children's Healthcare Services:

McLaren Port Huron is proud to provide inpatient hospital care and traditional pediatric services in outpatient settings at clinics throughout our community.

Our Pediatric Services offer special attention to children from birth to the age of 18. Highly trained doctors and nurses provide the most advanced pediatric care in a child-pleasing environment. Care is based on a family centered philosophy and encourages parents to play a key role in their child's care and recovery.


  • Care for children with chronic and acute illnesses
  • Short-visit procedures
  • Hospital support services that are designed for children, such as respiratory care, laboratory, x-ray and medical social work
  • A lounge for parents to relax
  • The children receive care from a staff that understands and respects the world of a child
  • Emergency services
  • Education and support groups
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy