Services & Treatments


    Gastric Band

    The laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding procedure is a procedure in which a small gastric pouch is created by placing an adjustable gastric band around the top of the stomach.


  • Service Line

    General Surgery

    General surgeons at McLaren locations across Michigan are highly skilled in operating on various areas of the body, primarily focusing on the contents of the abdomen.



    Genetic Counseling

    The Cancer Genetic Counseling Service at McLaren can help you learn about the impact your personal and family history has on your chance of developing cancer.


  • Program

    Geriatric Psychiatry Program

    McLaren Oakland created our senior behavioral health unit to address the special needs of seniors who are experiencing emotional and behavioral changes.


  • Program

    Geropsychiatry Program at McLaren Greater Lansing



    Glaucoma Treatment

    The vision experts at McLaren offer several options for the treatment of glaucoma.



    Golf For Life Program

    Golf For Life is a program offered by McLaren Bay Region's Rehabilitation Services and is for individuals who want to improve their strength, flexibility, and most importantly - their golf game.