McLaren Now+Clinic
About McLaren Now+Clinic

About McLaren Now Clinic

McLaren CareNow is now McLaren Now+Clinic. Our new name builds upon our reputation as a high-quality, highly satisfying health service and represents the expanding services our retail convenient clinics provide.

Our patients are met and treated by service-oriented registered McLaren nurses working at the top of their license with a virtually located nurse practitioner through state-of-the-art tele-diagnostic equipment. Patients also have the added benefit of prioritized prescriptions at Walgreens, meaning you can receive care and any medication you need all in one place.

McLaren Now+Clinics are operated by McLaren Health Management Group. The health care providers at McLaren Now+Clinics at Walgreens are employed, contracted, or affiliated with McLaren Now+Clinics. The health care providers are not employees, associates, and/or agents of, or supervised by, Walgreen Co. or any Walgreens subsidiary or affiliated company.