All Nurses

"It been a while since I was in the hospital. Ken was in and out for a long time & passed away several years ago. The care we have gotten from the nurses at McLaren has always been outstanding. I am living in Kalkaska now but still and will always come to Petoskey for any healthcare needs. If I had the money, I would send it to you. All I have is gratitude for the wonderful care."

"As a McLaren "frequent flyer" over the past seven years, I have been under the care of far too many caring, concerned nurses to select only one to honor. I learned quickly that these angels have to fit through a very precise "keyhole" to work at McLaren Northern Michigan. Whether it's on the hospital floors, in the Oncology Department, or at the Demmer Wellness Building Dialysis Center, these women and men are all worthy of my sincere gratitude and appreciation."