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Restricted Visiting Hours

Last Updated: 11/16/2020 7:51:41 AM

In order to protect the health of our communities McLaren Northern Michigan is implementing the following visitor guidelines in accordance with the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and per the Governor’s Executive Order.

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McLaren Northern Michigan is temporarily prohibiting all visitors from entering this facility, with the following exceptions:

  • One designated Care Partner for Non-COVID-19 patients: A Care Partner (same person for duration of stay) is allowed for patients needing a support person who is essential or medically necessary for the care of the patient; including patients who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, cognitive impairments including dementia, behavioral concerns, or patients who need communication support or assistance due to the specifics of their disability.
  • A member of the patient’s care team will determine if the patient requires a Care Partner.
  • Care Partners are allowed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Care Partners must provide name and phone number upon entry.
  • Care Partners entering a McLaren Northern Michigan campus will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Care Partners must be healthy and symptom free.
  • Care Partners are required to wear a hospital-issued face mask covering both nose and mouth for the duration of their visit except when eating and drinking.
  • Care Partners are required to wear a colored wristband designating their Care Partner status.
  • No Care Partners under the age of 18 are permitted unless they are parents of a pediatric patient or support person of an OB patient.
  • Care Partners of hospitalized patients must remain in the patient’s room, use most direct route when entering and exiting hospital, and not gather in common areas such as waiting rooms.
  • Care Partners will be asked to leave the facility if:
    • They exhibit COVID-19 symptoms
    • They are found outside of direct routes from entry to patient room
    • They are non-compliant with mask and social distancing requirements
    • They do not have a colored wristband

Additional Care Partners Approved Include:

  • Obstetric patients: One birthing partner or support person (must be the same person during the duration of the stay) and one certified doula.
  • Pediatric patients: May have one parent/guardian at a time. It is strongly preferred that the caregiver is the same for the duration of their stay.
  • Emergency Department: One support person allowed if they pass screening. Must be the same support person for the duration of the Emergency Department stay.
  • End of Life: Up to two visitors per day. Visitors for patients at end of life may be evaluated on a case by case basis, including those under the age of 18. Patients with a COVID-19 positive diagnosis who are at this stage are allowed one visitor, one time, with appropriate personal protective equipment.



  • Emergency Department Entrance – Patients seeking care in the Emergency Department, Imaging Department, Sleep Center, and Surgical Department.
  • Medical Office Building Entrance – Lab, Physician Office Appointments, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Outpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.


  • Main Hospital Entrance – Imaging, Endoscopy, Cath Lab, Surgery, Inpatient Visitors, and Radiation Therapy, Acute Rehabilitation.
  • Emergency Department Entrance – Only for Emergency Department patients and Emergency Department visitors.
  • Medical Office Building Entrance – Lab and Physician Office Visits.
We continue to monitor the risk of COVID-19 closely and will adjust visitor practices, as necessary to ensure the community’s safety. We appreciate your help in keeping our patients and employees safe.

Parking and Directions

Parking Cost

Parking at McLaren Northern Michigan is free.

Patient Drop-off Locations

There are patient drop-off locations at the Emergency Department, Main Entrance, and Medical Office Building.

Valet Service

We offer a free Valet service at the Main Entrance Monday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; Tuesday - Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Keeping our patients and employees safe during COVID-19

We have steadfastly continued to provide life-saving care throughout the onset of coronavirus and are determined to meet the health care needs of the communities we serve into the future.

Learn about the measures we're taking to help keep patients and employees safe during these unprecedented times.

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