McLaren Northern Michigan
Your Patient Stay

Your Hospital Stay at McLaren Northern Michigan

Whatever circumstances bring you to McLaren Northern Michigan, the joyous birth of a new baby or the need for advanced treatment for an illness, the goal is to make every moment with you an opportunity to care, comfort, and improve your quality of life. McLaren Northern Michigan strives to provide an efficient and pleasant hospital experience from admission to discharge.


When you arrive, please have your insurance cards and social security number ready to present to the registration staff. This information is needed to process insurance forms and other paperwork. Many insurance companies require verification, pre-certification and authorization prior to your hospital stay. If you are a member of an HMO, your physician must provide you with a written referral form. The pre-admitting staff is available to assist with the completion of these forms or to answer financial questions.

A registered nurse will complete a health history assessment. Providing a list of medications, dosage amounts and how often you take your medications as well as any allergies you may have, will expedite this portion of the registration process.


Hospital staff and your physician will work with you to design a plan for continued care outside the hospital. Questions and concerns about your home situation are encouraged before your day of discharge.

Any need you might have for extended care, outpatient services, or home health care services or equipment after you leave the hospital will be arranged during your stay by one of the nursing staff. If you are currently using a home care agency of if you have used one in the past, please provide this information when admitted to the hospital. Discharge time is 11 a.m.

Once your physician has determined you are well enough to go home, your nurse and physician will provide you with all the necessary discharge instructions, and a member of the hospital staff will assist you to your awaiting ride.

Discharge Planning/Aftercare

The specially trained social workers and nurses in the Discharge Planning/Social Services Department are prepared to help you and your family with your medical, financial and emotional needs while you're in the hospital and once you return home.

At the time of discharge you will receive the Patient Education/Discharge Instruction form. This sheet explains your doctor's orders, medications, your nurse's instructions and what services you need after discharge.

For more information regarding your stay at McLaren Northern Michigan, please contact the Customer Care Line at 800.968.7111.