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Using Innovation at McLaren Northern Michigan

New Innovations and Technology

McLaren Northern Michigan offers a full range of services representing nearly every medical and surgical specialty. We provide leading-edge technology and innovations right here in northern Michigan.

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cardiac surgery
vascular surgery

Bronchial Navigation System – a minimally invasive approach to locate and assess lung nodules for more precise treatment.

Carto 3 – technology that creates a 3D map of a patient’s cardiac structure to aid in minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical procedures, such as cardiac ablation for A-Fib.

Genetic Counseling – we perform genetic counseling through telemedicine. This is done in partnership with another McLaren hospital to assess risk for certain cancers.

Intuity Valve – an aortic valve replacement that is called the “suture-less” valve because it needs only 3 sutures for placement compared to 12-15 sutures with conventional aortic valves.

iPad Therapy – uses familiar technology to continue stroke patient speech and language therapy at home.

IRIS – the UltraViolet germ-killing robot used to clean our operating rooms and patient rooms requiring enhanced disinfection.

MitraClip –device that allows the mitral valve to open and close properly, restoring normal blood flow.

TAVR – Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement – minimally invasive procedure to replace the heart valve instead of opening up the chest.

TCAR - TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR), a new procedure to treat patients with carotid artery disease and prevent future strokes.

TeleStroke Program – uses Telemedicine to diagnose and treat stroke.

Watchman – device that permanently blocks off the left atrial appendage to keep blood clots from forming. 92% of patients are completely off all blood thinners 6 weeks after placement.