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Amenities at McLaren Northern Michigan

Spiritual Care

Patients and family members often experience times of anxiety and stress during a hospital stay. During these times, a chaplain can provide friendship and support, listen to concerns and offer comfort. The Chaplain may provide bedside visitation for patients, follow-up pastoral care, and counseling as deemed appropriate by those they serve. Anyone who is a patient or family member in search of spiritual support is encouraged to seek the Chaplain's help.

Our Beliefs

It is not the chaplain's role to bring his/her values and beliefs to those they serve or replace a patient's clergy or other sources of support. Instead, the chaplain meet patients, family, and colleagues to provide support appropriate to the circumstances of each encounter based on each individual’s journey. A chaplain may also assist those with specific desires to locate the appropriate resources to meet individual needs. Eucharist is regularly provided for patients of the Catholic faith by Eucharistic Ministers from two local parishes.

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Chaplain support is available, via the Hospital operator, for emergent needs 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for all patients, families, and colleagues. Non-emergent needs may be communicated to a chaplain via voicemail.


(231) 487-4509


McLaren Northern Michigan realizes that healing includes three components, the body, the mind, and the spirit. While our experienced and professional medical staff works to heal the body and social workers deal with psychosocial issues, the Chaplain helps soothe the spirits of patients, their families, and Colleagues.


The Chapel is open 24-hours-a-day as a place for prayer, meditation, and respite. 
Christian prayer is offered every Wednesday at 12 Noon and is open to everyone.


The Chapel is located on the first floor of the Hospital midway between the ICU and Administration Offices. CareNotes are available on a variety of topics that may concern patients, family members, or Colleagues. Bibles are available free of charge


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