Urging screenings, McLaren Clarkston offers mammogram online scheduling

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Don't delay your lifesaving screenings.

In an effort to increase the ease of access to potentially lifesaving breast cancer screenings, McLaren Clarkston has expanded its breast centers to include online scheduling.

This move was motivated to combat the pandemic-induced delay in regular screenings.

Conveniently located in the Village of Clarkston and the McLaren Clarkston campus, patients can view all open appointments and choose the one that best fits their schedule all in a few clicks at mclaren.org/clarkstonbreastcenter.

“Over many years I’ve heard firsthand from countless women who’ve credited their regular mammogram with catching their cancer early and setting them up for a successful treatment,” said Pat Keigher, regional director of cancer services at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Clarkston. “This makes the trend of patients delaying their screening more concerning. Cancers are being diagnosed in later stages, and treatments are having to become more invasive. I can’t stress screenings enough.”

One of the more troubling and lasting secondary effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the delay or complete postponement of health screenings—mammograms being a leading screening—resulting in patients being diagnosed at later stages, with the disease progressed.