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McLaren Flint

McLaren Flint


McLaren Flint

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Genesee County Artists Touched by Cancer Display Artwork in Virtual Art Show

“The thing about art therapy is it gives you such self-confidence. Not a little, but a lot of self-confidence.” Cancer is a journey, and many pati...

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McLaren Flint Offering "Be Stroke Smart" Live Webinar to Create Awareness During Stroke Month

No one chooses to have a stroke, but everyone can learn the signs of one. The community is invited to join Aniel Majjhoo, MD, board-certified inte...

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Detroit Veteran and Retired Firefighter Finishes Proton Therapy Treatments for Prostate Cancer, Despite Heartbreaking Loss

  "I decided to be proactive and began researching the most recent treatments for cancer." 2020 was more than just the start of the COVID-19 ...

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