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Patient And Visitor Information

Patient and Visitor Information for McLaren Lapeer Region

As a patient of McLaren Lapeer Region, your care and satisfaction are our main concerns. The McLaren system includes 12 hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, an employed primary care physician network, commercial and Medicaid HMOs covering over 250,000 lives, home health care and hospice, durable medical equipment, retail pharmacy services, and a wholly-owned medical malpractice insurance company. Our team of health care professionals strives to deliver quality and personalized care, in partnership with you and your family. If there is anything you need during your stay, please speak with a member of your health care team.

McLaren Lapeer Region is a smoke-free facility. We ask that you use cellular phones in posted areas only.

While you may not be in the hospital under life-threatening circumstances, we encourage every patient and family to educate themselves about advance care planning. We encourage feedback on how we serve you and your family while you're in our care.


Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, McLaren Lapeer Region is further restricting visitation to the hospital. The following will go into effect Saturday, December 4:

  • Visiting hours are between 10 am-1 pm and 5 pm-8 pm
  • Telemetry 2, Telemetry 3, Progressive Care Unit, Ortho and ICU: One healthy visitor. 
  • Emergency Department: One healthy visitor. Pediatric patients and special needs patients can have two adult parents/guardians.
  • Surgical and Procedural: One visitor before and after surgery. 
  • Outpatient Procedures (Including Lab and Imaging): One healthy visitor.
  • Labor and Delivery: Two healthy visitors may remain with the laboring mother. A healthy support person may visit following delivery.
  • Behavioral Health Unit (BHU): One healthy adult visitor allowed during BHU-specific designated days and times.  
  • Transitional Care Unit (TCU): Please contact the TCU for visitation information.
  • COVID-19 Patients: No visitation at this time.


McLaren Lapeer Region is encouraging patients and their families to consider communication through phone and video chat as their primary means of communication. When in-person visitation is appropriate, visitors must:

  • Undergo symptom screening when entering the facility 
  • Be in good health and free of any COVID-19 related symptoms
  • Maintain 6 feet of physical distance in all areas, including the patient’s room
  • Perform hand hygiene when entering/exiting the building and patient room, and as needed
  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Stay in the patient’s room while in the unit and limit walking in hallways
  • Limit the frequency of entering and exiting the facility
  • Cooperate with directions from staff
  • Visitors must be 18 years or older and be immediate family (or powers of attorney, guardians, or patient representative), unless noted above


Please check with the nursing staff for any restrictions on patient gifts (e.g. flowers, food). Latex balloons are not allowed.

Non Smoking

McLaren Lapeer Region prohibits smoking or tobacco use anywhere in the buildings or on the grounds owned or leased by McLaren Lapeer Region.

Fire Safety

We conduct fire drills from time to time. If you hear an alarm, stay where you are. In an actual emergency, hospital staff will direct you as to what to do.

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