Every Step of the Way: Support Resources for Our Cancer Survivors

June is recognized yearly as National Cancer Survivors Month, an important time to recognize the strength and perseverance of cancer survivors worldwide.

A cancer survivor isn’t only someone who is considered ‘cancer-free.’ Everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis, from the start of treatment to the end, no matter where they are in their journey, is considered a cancer survivor and will be for the rest of their life.

Thinking about the steps taken during your journey can be overwhelming, but Karmanos Cancer Institute and McLaren Health Care have resources for all cancer survivors, no matter where they are in their fight.

Counseling Services

Karmanos and McLaren offer counseling services that meet patients' physical and emotional needs. These services include psychological counseling for stress and mental health, genetic counseling for understanding the hereditary risk for cancer, and even nutritional counseling to help patients maintain a healthy diet throughout their treatment.

Support Groups

If a survivor wishes to connect with other patients who share the same experience, there are many support groups offered throughout the Karmanos Cancer Network. These groups are a great way for survivors to express their thoughts, have a sense of community, and grow with others through their journey.

Integrative Therapies and Services

Another great way to decompress as a survivor at any stage of their journey is through integrative therapies like art, massage, yoga, music, reiki, and more. These options can help with stress relief, creative release and general well-being. Many integrative therapy sessions are also opened to anyone touched by cancer, such as a cancer survivor’s family members and friends.

Spiritual Care

If faith is an important part of your life, Karmanos and McLaren also offer a variety of spiritual services to help survivors and their families stay connected with their faith throughout their journey. Supportive visits from chaplains and volunteers from various religious backgrounds are available and can serve as another resource for talking about cancer journeys or other things outside of diagnosis and treatment.

All cancer survivors, no matter where they are in their journey, have these resources available to them for any support they may need. If you are interested in these services, talk with your oncologist, nurse or patient navigator about the resources, support groups or specialists you need to help you on your survivorship journey. If you are unsure what support services are best for you, our team members can recommend services that may interest you.

Learn more about support services that may be offered in your area here. Visit our support services events page to register for upcoming integrative therapy sessions and support groups at  Karmanos and McLaren locations.