McLaren Macomb
Patient and Visitor Information

Patient & Visitor Information

In compliance with CDC and OSHA recommendations for health care facilities, masks must be work inside the hospital and enclosed areas on campus.

Visiting Guidelines:

  • Visiting Hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Visitors must enter at Main entrance or Mat Gaberty (East) entrance only, except for surgical patients and their companion, who may enter at the Surgery Center entrance.
  • Visitors are limited to family/significant others; all visitors must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Everyone must screen themselves for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 when entering the hospital. Anyone with signs/symptoms, a current diagnosis of COVID-19 or pending test results may not visit. Screening criteria includes:
    • COVID diagnosis in past 14 days
    • COVID test pending
    • Exposure to someone with COVID within past 14 days
    • Fever > 100.0◦ F
    • New cough
    • New shortness of breath
    • New flu-like symptoms such as body aches
    • New onset diarrhea
  • All visitors must wear a face mask for duration of the visit, including inside the patient room. A face mask will be provided if you do not have one. Anyone refusing to wear a mask will not be permitted.
  • Please practice social distancing, keeping 6 feet from others at all times.
  • Visitors must clean their hands when entering and exiting a patient care area.
  • All visitors must remain in the patient’s room at all times; please call the RN or front desk from the room if you have questions.

A person visiting may be asked to leave a patient care area if safety or social distancing cannot be maintained.

If you are at high risk for COVID-19 complications, please stay home!

Visitation for NON COVID-19 Related Patients:

  • ONE visitor per patient is allowed per day. (Same visitor can come more than once in a day).
  • TWO support people or parents/legal guardians are welcome for the following:
    • Patients being evaluated for/on hospice care or nearing end of life
    • Children (21yrs of age or under)
    • Patient with special needs: sensory/emotional/mental impairment
    • Patients with guardianship/DPOA needs
    • Family Birthing – One birth coach and one significant other

Visitation for COVID-19 Suspected or Confirmed Patients:

Visitation is restricted. No one will be allowed in rooms of patients who have or are suspected of having COVID-19 except:

  • ONE support person or parent/legal guardian may be present for the following:
    • Pregnant woman in labor, pre-term labor, or requiring C-section, prenatal testing, procedure, or genetic counseling
    • Child who is 21 years of age or under
    • Adult with disability who needs help with communicating or managing anxiety
    • Patient being admitted to hospital; once patient has been registered, they should leave the building
    • As approved, patient who needs a support person to learn how to care for them after discharge
  • TWO support people may visit a patient who is being evaluated for hospice care or nearing the end-of-life
  • Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided and must be worn at all times during visit

Accompanying Outpatient and Emergency Center Care/Surgical Procedures:

  • Each patient may bring ONE support person with them. Children under 21 may come with TWO parent/legal guardians. Others must wait outside of the building until the patient is ready to leave. Patients must not bring children under 16 years of age to their appointment
  • Emergency Center (EC) – ONE support person is allowed; their ability to remain in EC is at EC leader discretion and facility constraints. Is also subject to restrictions outlined above.
  • Surgery and Procedures- ONE support person is allowed and is subject to restrictions outlined above.