McLaren Health Care

Auxiliary Information

Our Statement of Purpose

To provide volunteer service and financial aid and assistance to McLaren Bay Region and its subsidiary corporations. All monies raised by McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary must be donated to McLaren Bay Region or its subsidiary corporations for such equipment or purposes as may be selected by the members of the Auxiliary in consultation with the President of McLaren Bay Region or designee. Directors and officers may be reimbursed for all expenses reasonably incurred on behalf of this organization.

To operate and receive all profits from the gift shop located within the hospital.

To establish support and receive all profits from an Annual Charity Ball.

To manage other fundraising projects as approved by the President of McLaren Bay Region or his/her designee.

Auxiliary Events

The McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary is involved in various events such as popcorn sales in the McLaren Bay Region main campus lobby. More volunteers are needed for this.

McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary is also in charge of the operation of the gift shop which is in need of volunteers. The contact for the gift shop is Linda Jacobs at 989-894-3198.

To volunteer for any position, please contact Sandra Roth at 989-860-4275 or email her at

Why Volunteer, A message from the Auxiliary President

From: Sandra Roth

McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary President

The McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary's major goal is to raise funds for McLaren Bay Region. We do so by volunteering at lobby sales, the Charity Ball, popcorn sales, the Gift Shop and other fundraising events. All funds raised go to improve and update McLaren Bay Region. Volunteering your skill and talent is a great and enriching experience. Joining the McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary is a win-win for you and for the hospital.

Volunteer Benefits

  1. Support your local hospital in a cause you believe in.
  2. Apply your skills and gain new ones.
  3. Meet new people and make new friends.

Volunteering Offers

  1. A Way to express yourself.
  2. A feeling of accomplishment
  3. A way to apply your skills and talents.

Volunteering your talent by joining the Auxiliary is available to you. If you would like to join our Auxiliary, please contact me at (989) 860-4275 or email me at

Best Regards,
Sandra Roth, President

New Membership Information

The fundraising efforts of the Auxiliary benefit McLaren Bay Region by providing monies which are used to purchase unbudgeted items needed by the hospital. These efforts also make our hospital better for the entire community along with providing you with some personal satisfaction.

Annual dues are $15. Board of Director Meetings are held the second Monday in the months of January, February, March, April, June, September, October, and December. In the months of May and November, general membership meetings are held which are luncheons. They are attended by the general membership and also other members of the community. No meetings are held in July or August.

The McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary has several fundraising efforts. Our biggest is the operation of the hospital gift shop. Linda Jacobs is our Gift Shop Assistant and is assisted by 2 part time paid assistants.

The Auxiliary hosts a number of lobby sales each year. At those sales vendors (some local) bring items into the hospital lobby for sale. The vendors then donate a portion of their proceeds to the Auxiliary. Examples of sales include books, jewelry, shoes, sweet treats, and linens.

The Auxiliary volunteers sell popcorn in the lobby. We own a popcorn machine and are fortunate that employees are always excited to purchase the popcorn.

The most well known event the Auxiliary hosts is the Annual Charity Ball. A committee is formed each year with volunteers as chairpersons. This committee may also include community volunteers who are not members of the Auxiliary. The hospital President usually requests a particular item toward which the proceeds are raised. Proceeds usually range around $35,000.