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  • Is it mandatory for patients to provide race, ethnic background, language, gender identity, pronouns, sex, and sexual orientation information?

    No. Answering these questions is voluntary. We ask so that we can better serve our diverse community and offer the best high-quality care.

  • Who will see this information?

    We understand that our patient's privacy is of the utmost importance. The information patients share is private and protected by law and only shared with their healthcare provider within McLaren Health Care. Our staff only accesses this information when it is necessary for providing care, health care operations and billing. We have dedicated teams to help protect patient’s information.

  • What questions will be asked?

    • REaL (race, ethnicity and preferred language)
    • SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity)
    • Sex assigned at birth
    • Religious, spiritual, and cultural needs

  • Why do we ask about race, ethnic background, language, gender identity, pronouns, sex, and sexual orientation?

    Our understanding of how sex, sexual orientation and gender identity directly impact health and well-being has grown. We use this information:

    • To better understand the patients and communities we serve.
    • To provide safe and appropriate medication dosages and medical treatment.
    • To evaluate quality improvements and remove inequities, if needed.
    • To provide supportive services and programs to patients, such as interpreter services.
    • To meet regulatory and improvement agencies requirements. 

  • Can I request prescription renewals through My McLaren Chart?

    Yes. You can now skip calling the office and request prescription renewals anytime online. Here's how:

    Now you can skip calling the office and request prescription renewals anytime, online. Here’s how:

    1. Log in to your portal account.

      Below are two ways you can access the portal:

    – Visit mclaren.org/portal and select Login to MyMcLarenChart.

    – Install the HealtheLife app onto your smartphone.

    • Enter Email address/Username and Password. Click Sign In.

    If you don’t have a portal account, you can select the Sign Up button to self enroll.

    1. From the Dashboard, click the Prescription Renewal button.
    2. The Prescription Renewal window will display.
      • View health record for [NAME] dropdown: If multiple health records appear, choose the appropriate patient record.
      • Search for and select your provider’s name that will review the renewal request.

    Note: You must be an established patient with the provider receiving your request.

    1. Select the checkbox next to the medication needing renewal.
    2. Choose the appropriate contact option if the clinic needs to contact you regarding the request.
    3. Select where to send the prescription from a list of your preferred pharmacies. You can also add a pharmacy if needed.
    4. Add any additional comments regarding the request if needed. Click Send.
    5. You will receive notification that the message has been sent and have the ability to view the request if desired.
    6. The sent message will also display in the Messages Sent subfolder in an Unopened status. Once the clinic opens the message, the message will display in a Reviewed status.

     After your request has been reviewed by the provider, you will receive a message in the portal. If approved, the request will be forwarded to the pharmacy to be filled.

    Download the flyer

  • Can a shared email address be used to access My McLaren Chart?

    No – each user must have their own unique email address.

  • If I am already a member of My McLaren Chart, how do I reset my password?

    Please see the portal sign in screen – password reset.

  • Do I have to complete this training?

    Unlike human subjects’ research training, not everyone needs to complete GCP training, even though they may have contact or interactions with research subjects or with their private, identifiable information.  The requirement to complete this training is usually determined by your funding source.  All investigators and staff who are involved in the conduct, oversight or management of NIH-funded clinical trials are required to complete training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and refresh this training every 3 years, consistent with principles of the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) E6 (R2). Information on this training requirement can be found here

    Other sponsors may also require this training; you will need to check with the sponsor to see if they have specific GCP training requirements.

  • Does my GCP certification expire even if I do not have NIH funding?

    Yes. Due to programming constraints within the CITI website, there is no way to distinguish learners who are completing GCP training for an NIH funded study from those that are completing GCP training for a different sponsor that may not require GCP training to be renewed every 3 years. Even if your sponsor does not require renewal, you may still receive the automated email reminders from CITI that your GCP training will expire soon.  It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they are compliant with their sponsor’s requirements.

  • How do I add a GCP course if I’m already a registered user that is affiliated with the McLaren Health Care?

    Please visit the HRPP Education and Training page for more information.