Breast MRI Services Now Available at McLaren Fenton

Author: Matt Bueby

McLaren Fenton is continuing to bring more services to Fenton area patients with the addition of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnostic capabilities for breast imaging.

The mobile Ingenia 1.5T S MRI brings revolutionary high-quality imaging, with a high-quality patient experience to this location. Convenient hours are available Friday and Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. by appointment.

“The addition of breast MRI gives McLaren Fenton a full range of services for breast imaging needs,” said Chris Candela, president and CEO of McLaren Flint. “The advanced technology means the very best care for our patients.”

Typically, an MRI of the breast is ordered by a primary care physician if a traditional screening such as a mammogram or ultrasound have unclear results. Breast MRI can also be used to diagnose and evaluate breast cancer, measure tumor sizes, and look for other abnormalities of the breast.

A breast MRI usually takes 45 minutes and uses a strong magnetic field to create very detailed, cross-sectional pictures of the soft tissues in the body that are often hard to see using other imaging tests.

The advanced MRI technology results in high-quality exams that take less time for most patients. The MRI has a wider bore opening for more comfort and most scans can be performed with the patient’s head near the opening for those who may worry they will have to be in an enclosed space. Additional benefits include a better audio and visual experience to help patients relax, an AutoVoice system that gives clear instructions during the scan process and a ComforTone component that reduces scanner noise.

McLaren Fenton offers comprehensive imaging services including 3-D mammography, CT imaging, ultrasound, bone density, and X-rays.

McLaren Fenton has even more in store for the greater Fenton community as it continues to add to its comprehensive health care services.

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