Proton Therapy for Kidney Cancers

Cancers Treated: Kidney Tumors

Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer is among the ten most common cancers in both men and women. According to the American Cancer Society, the overall lifetime risk for men is 1 in 46. In women, it is 1 in 80.

While surgery is often an option for patients with cancers of the kidney, that is not always the case. Radiation therapy is one option for those not eligible for surgery. These are typically patients who only have one kidney, or who are not healthy enough for surgery. In many cases, radiation therapy is often used to help ease cancer symptoms, like bleeding and pain.

Why proton therapy?

During traditional radiation therapy, X-rays deliver a dose of radiation to tumors, to kill off cancer cells. It is a very effective treatment, however there is a risk of damaging healthy surrounding tissue, that is also exposed to the radiation during the treatment process.

Proton therapy delivers higher doses of targeted radiation to tumors, with far less risk of damage to surrounding organs and tissue. Protons can literally stop on a dime, right at the tumor, without going through the body, leaving behind an exit dose of radiation.

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