Women’s Health Services Q&A with Olivia Thiel, MD

Dr. Thiel
What services do you offer that caters to women’s health?

I currently offer a variety of Women's Health Services including routine screening for breast or cervical cancer with mammogram or Pap, IUD insertion, Nexplanon insertion, contraception discussion and prenatal/OB care in conjunction with a local obstetrician.

What about your clinic providers and environment would women find appealing when selecting their primary care provider?

The benefit for the patient is that we can provide care for the whole patient. They do not have to have a separate primary care doctor and OBGYN. The patient can bring their whole family, children, adults, parents to the same provider. My hope is to work with and guide each patient through recommendations and plans and make them comfortable with those plans and any procedure. As a woman, I understand sometimes it can be overwhelming, and I hope to reduce that stress for my patients.

What education or training have you completed that women would find beneficial?

I completed my formal education at Wayne State University and then at the Mayo Clinic at a broad-spectrum practice. I have always had a special interest and passion for Women's Health including obstetrics and made it a point to include that is a large part of my practice both in training and now to build that up in clinic.

What is your philosophy of care? OR, how would you summarize your approach to a new patient?

My philosophy is to empower all of my patients to understand and participate in their own health. I want to simplify the complexity of medicine and to make care accessible for all of my patients. When I meet a new patient, the goal is to learn as much about their lifestyle, family and social situation with any barriers they may have to health care. The more you know about someone than just their medical concerns, the more you can specialize their plan. It is so important to me to be a true family physician, taking care of all members of the family at any place of life. Often times just by listening and taking the time to explain why certain things are important or are recommended has a huge impact in how a patient perceives their own health.

For instance, if a young woman comes to me initially for preventative care such as a pap exam or contraception; we start to develop that patient-physician relationship. Then, if she decides that she would like to become pregnant, we can discuss things to have in place prior to conception such as prenatal vitamins or any medical problems that might affect pregnancy like blood pressure or diabetes. Once pregnant, I can care for the patient throughout the pregnancy including developing a birth plan and delivering the baby with the possibility to refer or partner with an OBGYN to ensure the best care if needed. After birth, the patient can then bring her child, spouse, and rest of the family into the practice with the provider already having that knowledge of the current status. Postpartum, this also means more attention provided to the mother as my patient to assess for any concerns such as postpartum anxiety or depression.

Do you also provide care for men and children? What is the youngest age you will see?

I see patients of all ages, genders and backgrounds, from birth to death. When I can care for and promote the health of an entire family, that impact is huge and so rewarding.

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