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Making Phone Calls

To place a local call, dial 9 + phone number.

To place a long-distance call, dial 0. Patients must call collect, reverse the charges, or use a pre-paid calling card when making long-distance calls. For the hospital departments listed below, simply dial the 5-digit number listed.

Standardized Wristbands

At McLaren Lapeer Region, patient safety is a top priority. One of the many ways we work to prevent potential errors is the use of standardized color-coded patient wristbands. The same colors for these specific alerts are used in more than 25 other states. The color-coded wristband is a visual "alert" for all staff members, and helps everyone provide the best care possible. The meaning associated with the specific color is written on the wristband to reduce the chance of confusion.

What do the different colors mean?

red wristband

If you have an allergy to anything - food, medicine, dust, grass, pet hair, ANYTHING - tell us. It may not seem important to you, but it could be very important in the care you receive.

yellow wristband

We want to prevent falls at all times. Your health care team will determine if you need extra attention in order to prevent a fall. Sometimes, a person may become weakened during his or her illness or because they just had a surgery. When a patient has this color-coded alert wristband, it indicates this person needs to be assisted when walking or they may fall.

PURPLE means "DNR" or Do Not Resuscitate
purple wristband

Some patients have expressed an end-of-life wish and we want to honor that.

PINK means Restricted Extremity
pink wristband

When a patient has this color-coded wristband, the health provider is saying this patient's extremity should be handled with extreme care. Other care providers are alerted to check with the nurse prior to any tests or procedures.

GREEN means Latex Allergy
green wristband

When a patient has this color-coded wristband, it indicates an allergic reaction to latex. This green wristband will alert the doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals about your allergy.

Patients and family members need to be involved.

Please share information about allergies with your caregivers. This includes foods and pollens, as well as medication allergies.

If you have a tendency to lose your balance, tell your nurse. If you feel faint or unsteady after a procedure or following sedation, inform your caregiver and do not try to get up without assistance.

If you have an advance directive, please tell your team of caregivers. An advance directive tells your doctor what kind of care you want, if you become unable to make medical decisions. If you want to complete an advance directive, talk to your nurse. We want to honor your wishes and documenting your preferences allows us to do so.

Special Needs Resources

Surgery, an illness or an injury requiring a hospital stay can stress patient and family physically, emotionally and financially. We want to provides resources that may be helpful in your recovery.

Social Work

We can match you up with community services that can help with daily living needs, payment for medications, and counseling. Call us at (810) 667-5578.

Support Groups

After discharge, a support group where people with similar conditions share information and friendship may provide hope, healing, and the knowledge that you are not alone. For more information, visit our calendar of events for current listings of support groups and community education programs.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Patients with heart conditions may find their physician will prescribe cardiac rehabilitation. McLaren Lapeer Region offers a three-phase program through McLaren Health Care. For details, call (810) 667-5757.

Cancer Center

Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Lapeer Region is located at 1295 Barry Drive in Lapeer. For more information about the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Lapeer Region, please call (866) 696-4524 or McLaren Lapeer Region at (810) 667-5500.

Inpatient Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy

  • Physical therapy offers hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, and rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological disorders.
  • Occupational therapy offers evaluation and treatment for patients who have lost independence in performing tasks of everyday living. This may be from neurological disorders, upper extremity injuries, developmental disabilities or the natural aging process.
  • Speech-language therapy provides evaluation and treatment for delayed speech and language, stuttering, voice and speech communication for tracheotomy or laryngectomy patients. This therapy can also be valuable for stroke patients. For details, call (810) 667-5514.

Outpatient Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy

A physician prescription is required for these services. Services can be arranged at McLaren Lapeer Region, or at McLaren Community Medical Center, 395 E. Third St., Imlay City.

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