McLaren Bay Medical Foundation’s mission is to support McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Bay Special Care in their mission of improving the health of the communities they serve. Most grants awarded are for hospital needs. A limited number of grants are awarded to community needs that relate to our mission.

It is the intent that Funds requested from the Foundation be used to assist McLaren Bay Region, McLaren Bay Special Care and related organizations outside of the normal capital and operating budget processes. Requests for funds should be made through a process by which the priority of needs can be determined to the greatest benefit of the organization.

Requests will be reviewed and ranked as higher priority items/programs that:

  • Improve the quality of service to the patient
  • Benefit the largest number of patients
  • Benefit the largest number of staff
  • Benefit the community as a whole, and improve community relations

Requests ranked as low priority and may not receive funding include items/programs that:

  • Are of a disposable nature (include in Department budget)
  • Room decorations and furnishings (may be directed to the Auxiliary)
  • Expensive equipment purchase/replacement (should be in the capital budget)
  • Maintenance of existing equipment/furnishings (include in Department budget)

Each grant request is reviewed based on its merits and the availability of suitable funds. The Grant Committee's primary reason for existence is to distribute assets of the foundation and make certain they are used appropriately in order to fulfill the purpose of the donor, at the same time meet the needs of the organization and the community.

Please click on a link below for the specific grant form you would like to complete. Please print and send your completed form to the foundation office for processing. McLaren Bay Medical Foundation, 1900 Columbus Ave., Bay City, MI 48708

Employee Requests:

McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Bay Special Care Grant Request


Community Requests

Community Initiative Grant Special Needs Request