McLaren Greater Lansing

100 Years of Greater Care

One century. That's how long McLaren Greater Lansing has proudly and compassionately served our community. McLaren's dedication to the region began in the fall of 1913, when a 10-bed county facility opened its doors to care for those afflicted with tuberculosis.

As Greater Lansing grew over the decades, so did our hospital. Wood and nails became girder and steel, wings became towers, and the 10-bed facility grew into what we are today: a 389-bed, two-campus testament to compassionate care and medical innovation.

We are proud to be celebrating our centennial anniversary and our commitment to the community ... what we are calling 100 Years of Greater Care.

During our celebration, we will certainly reflect on the important medical advancements we've been a part of - such as the area's first open heart surgery and pioneering work in arthroscopic surgery - but the focus of our celebration will be on what makes us great: our people.

The celebration isn't about individuals over the course of our history. Rather it is about the collective family of caregivers and staff who have been, and always will be, dedicated to the health of our community. For the past 100 years we have relentlessly strived to be greater in every way. During our next 100 years we vow to continue to fight to be Greater ... because nothing is Greater than you.

Below is a brief history of our hospital, and to the left you'll find expert services that we offer our community today.

McLaren Greater Lansing Milestones

1913: Ingham County Tuberculosis Sanatorium opens with 10-bed capacity

1924: A 30-bed infirmary is built

1930: A four-story brick building is constructed to accommodate 100 patients

1941: Drs. Lawrence Jarrett and Harriet Jarrett open the McLaughlin Osteopathic Hospital, and first baby is born

1954: Ingham County Tuberculosis Sanatorium becomes Ingham County Chest Hospital

1958: Ingham County Chest Hospital receives accreditation from The Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation

1959: McLaughlin Osteopathic Hospital moves to Pennsylvania Avenue and changes name to Lansing General Hospital

1960: Ingham County Chest Hospital becomes Ingham Medical Hospital, a 170-bed acute care facility

1966: First open-heart surgery is performed to close a hole in a 15-year-old's heart

1972: New hospital is completed and dedicated (Greenlawn Avenue campus)

1974: Ingham Medical Hospital becomes Ingham Medical Center

1980: Nation's first arthroscopic surgery center opens at Ingham Medical Center

1986: Breslin Cancer Center opens at Ingham Medical Center

1991: The McRee Guest House opens its doors for families of hospitalized patients

1997: A formal affiliation with McLaren Health Care commences

2001: The 72-bed Ingham Regional Assisted Living facility opens

2007: Grand opening of Chi Heart & Surgery Center

2012: Ingham Regional Medical Center undergoes rebranding and takes new name: McLaren Greater Lansing

2013: McLaren Greater Lansing celebrates 100 years