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IRB Electronic Submission

Accessing iRIS

Submit all new studies and subsequent submissions to the MHC IRB via iRIS. Access iRIS at:

Existing McLaren users, please use your McLaren credentials to log in to iRIS (user ID and password). When you log into iRIS for the first time, there may be a delay before you can fully use iRIS. After you log in for the first time, the System Administrator will have to manually set your role and department.

Technical Support

The iRIS technical support helpdesk can be reached at Please use this email when you have questions regarding any technical issues with your applications. Non-technical iRIS application issue questions should continue to be sent to

When a user contacts the Research Informatics helpdesk reporting an error or technical problem, the staff will make a good-faith effort to understand the issue and provide a resolution. When the helpdesk staff receives an advanced question or is unable to resolve an issue, the question/issue may need to escalate to iMedRIS Support Services.

Browser Compatibility

The current version of iRIS is compatible with all browsers, although Chrome is the recommended browser.

Training Resources

To view or print detailed descriptions and guided screenshots, please review the PDF quick guides below. For a view of whole-system functionality and beginner navigation, please review the training video.

Quick Guides



7 pg
7 pg
Accessing and Logging into iRIS coming soon icon
Navigating the Study Assistant Workspace (iRIS Home Screen) coming soon icon
Create a New Submission Part I: Department, KSP, Application Type coming soon icon
Create a New Submission Part II: Review Packet, Attachments, Routing coming soon icon
11 pg
Completing Outstanding Tasks & Responding to Stipulations coming soon icon
Modifications, Continuing Reviews, UPIRSO, Violation/Exception, & Final Report Forms coming soon icon
Creating an Application from a Modification or Continuing Review coming soon icon
10 pg

Video Guide


Q: Will the IRB remain open during the transition from eProtocol to iRIS?
A: Yes, during the transition phase from eProtocol to iRIS, the IRB office will remain open during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The IRB office will continue to handle daily routine operations and process select submissions.

Q: What is iRIS?
A: iRIS is the online application system used to submit studies and all subsequent submission materials to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). iRIS also functions as a document repository, providing you with easy access to study records and documents. You can use iRIS anywhere you have internet access.

Q: How do I access iRIS?
A:There are two ways to access iRIS. First, visit the McLaren Research home page at Click on the + symbol next to the Research Integrity link on the left side of the screen. Next, click the link for iRIS that appears. The iRIS information page will appear with the link to iRIS at the top of the page. Alternatively, access iRIS directly at You may bookmark this page for quick future access.

Q: Which internet browser should I use?
A: The current version of iRIS is compatible with all browsers, although Chrome is the recommended browser.

Q: Where can I get help on using iRIS? Will there be training?
A: In the weeks prior to launch, a basic training module was posted online for self-paced viewing. Standalone PDF’s of training manuals for printing or saving will be posted as soon as they become available.

You may also select the “Help” button on your iRIS homepage to view a variety of educational topics.

After launch, contact the Research Integrity office at (248) 484-4950 or

Q: Do all submissions go through the iRIS system?
A: Yes, all submissions go through the iRIS system.

Q: In the Help window, I clicked to open a document/template/resource and a blank screen opened. Where is the file I’m trying to access?
A: All of the documents/templates/resources located in the Help area on the iRIS home screen open as a blank pop-up window first. At the bottom of this blank pop-up screen, you should see your file downloading. Once the download is complete, you may click on the file to open. Users should be able to access all files.

Q: Are users able to "Hide" studies via the "All Studies" table?
A: Yes, users may hide a study by clicking on the “Hide” icon under the “Actions” tab in the “All Studies” section of their Study Assistant Workspace. To find a hidden study, the user must change the search setting filter at the top right of the “All Studies” section header by clicking on the gray button with the small gear on it. Then, check the box next to “Show Hidden” in the drop-down menu of options. When the hidden study appears, the Actions icon that was formerly the “Hide” icon is now the “Show” icon. Click on the “Show” icon to un-hide the study.

Q: Are users able to retract submissions before the IRB assigns a review process?
A: Yes. If the form has been filled out but not yet submitted into the workflow (in “Pre-Submission”), a gray “Send Submission” button will populate in the “Task Name” column, allowing you to send the form without opening it. (Access this screen by clicking on the “Steps” button under the “Studies Submission Status” section of your Study Assistant Workspace.) If the form has been submitted into the workflow and has been received but not processed by the IRB (in “Pre-Review”), a gray “Retract Submission” button will populate in the “Task Name” column, allowing you to pull the form back to make any corrections. If the form has already been processed by the IRB, this column will be blank, and users may no longer retract the submission.

Q: I previously checked out a document in iRIS, and now I am trying to check the document back in. The "check-in" option is grayed out. Why did this happen?
A: This issue may occur when a document is checked out and the user goes to create a new version while the document is still checked out. To avoid this in the future, we recommend checking all documents back in before creating a new version.

Additionally, best practice is to not check out a document until you have the revised document available to check in. That way, there are no large gaps of time in which the document is checked out.

Q: I started an initial application form in iRIS but I did not submit it to the IRB yet. That is, it is still in “Draft” protocol status/mode. Now, I have decided I no longer want to submit this form to the IRB and I would like to delete the application. How do I do this?
A: Yes, you can delete a form if the IRB has not started processing it yet. Scroll to the bottom of your iRIS home screen, or your Study Assistant screen, to view All Studies. Here, you may view and sort your studies by color-coded protocol status (including Draft), and under the Actions tab, view the history of the submission, start new forms, hide, copy, or delete the study while it is still in Draft mode.

Important: Only the study author has access to delete the study using the trash can “Delete” icon on the Study Assistant screen under the Actions tab. The “Delete” trash can will be greyed out for other key study personnel.

Training Classes

Group or individual classes are available upon request. Contact the Research Integrity Office via email at