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McLaren Center for Research and Innovationr

The McLaren Center for Research and Innovation (MCRI) offers the following resources to assist researchers:

  1. Protocol Development: Assistance with locating a protocol writer for your research project.  NOTE that there is a fee associated with the protocol writer services
  2. Contracts and Budgets: Assistance with the review and negotiations of research budgets and contracts.
  3. Statistical Analysis: Assist with locating a statistician to help with the statistical analysis for research projects.   NOTE that there is a fee associated with the statistical analysis services
research resources

You are encouraged to contact us during the protocol development stage for help with statistical analysis, prior to submission to the IRB.

Requesting Assistance

Complete the MCRI Resource Request Form. Please be mindful to select the appropriate service you are requesting at the top of the form.

Once your request has been received, MCRI staff will contact you with further information regarding the resource requested.

Additional resources are available at