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Required Training (CITI)

Mandatory Training (CITI)

Persons involved with human participants or their identifiable data, and/or the oversight of human research conducted or supported by McLaren Health Care must have a sound understanding and working knowledge of the ethical principles, legal and regulatory requirements, and institutional policies / procedures. Such individuals are obligated to stay current with evolving issues related to the conduct of human research and the protection of human subjects.

One of the primary responsibilities of the HRPP is to ensure that IRB members, IRB staff of the HRPP Office, investigators, members of research teams and those charged with the protection of human research subjects receive and maintain the training and education necessary to fulfill their obligations in the research enterprise.

CITI Training Requirements

MHC IRB requires that all staff involved in the research process (IRB members, IRB staff, researchers, and others involved in the review of human research) be certified via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program, which provides research ethics education to all members of the research community.

  1. HRPP will have an oversight mechanism to ensure that all individuals are up-to-date with their required training. (You may also print a certificate of completion for your records at the end of the course)
  2. If you have not previously completed the Basic Human Subjects Research Course or Conflict of Interest Course, taking a refresher course will not satisfy the training requirement. If this is your first time taking the course, you must complete it in its entirety.

Refer to the Human Research Protections Program Manual (pg. 24) if you would like more details regarding the training process.

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